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Here Are the Eye Makeover Tips No One Told You About 

The morning is busy but not the rush-hour type. You are on your way to the office as is customary. As you take the elevator, you notice the well-dressed young woman standing on your side. Something, but you do not know what, tells you that she is from a wealthy family. She also knows how to dress.

As the pleasant voice from the elevator’s hidden speakers notify all that you are now on the sixth floor, you prepare to disembark. While leaving, you cannot resist the urge to steal a glance at her neatly manicured nails. You also notice that she has trimmed her eyebrows perfectly. How sad that you have to get out and head to your place in the office.

The day seems to drag as your mind gets preoccupied with the strange but beautiful woman you met earlier. All you keep doing is looking at yourself in the mirror and vowing to change your makeup. Such is the inspiration and confidence that eye beauty brings out in a woman. cosmetics

Are you ready for an eye makeover that will change your world?

  • Moisturize the area below the eyes with a gentle tap using cream. Apply foundation then illuminator. Choose a color shade that is slightly lighter than the concealing cream. Finally, smear a thin layer of concealing cream.
  • Line the lower lashes of your eyes by doing small dots with the help of a blunt-edged eyeliner. The final look makes you appear like you do have thick and full eyelashes. Use no fewer than three dots, but you can also have some in the middle. For a lasting look, a microblading permanent makeup will do the trick.
  • Always remember not to put concealer on the eyelids. It may cause creasing of the makeup. When applying eye foundation, using your fingers will achieve complete coverage. Alternatively, you can use a brush when you want to cover a particular area only.
  • Powdering has its technique too. Always start with the shiniest area before dusting the remaining part lightly. Give your eyebrows a facelift by tracing their tops with powder or eye pencil. For the eyeliner, you need to get as close as you can to a mirror with your head tilted up. Let the chin be near the mirror. Look down and then apply from the inner corner outwards.

Other quick tips

When combining mascara, go for waterproof and regular varieties. The latter goes underneath while the former goes on top. That way, the waterproof variety keeps the normal type sealed in and prevents an otherwise embarrassing smudge.

Warm your pencil eyeliners before you commence the application process. A hair dryer set to the lowest heat level heats eye pencils correctly. Once warmed-up, the pencil draws quickly without you having to drag the eyelids.

If you do not have a makeup brush, you can use an ordinary paint brush. People appreciate feminine beauty by the way one wears makeup. Keep your eyes looking good and you will be the lady in the elevator that other women want to emulate.

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