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I thought I would pause to share what I have been making before the season is past. I have been so busy decorating this year, (which I have not been interested in doing for a while) but I found out my grandson will be with us for a few days, so its given me reason to get busy and create a festive atmosphere with 4 trees and the mantel decorated, a nativity scene and dining room centerpiece.

I have seen several Christmas decorations/projects that are of interest to me this year and one is a magazine Christmas tree, oh how fun.  I have made about 5 of them and they are so easy.  I will share some pointers, find a magazine that does not have a gazillion pages, one that is lighter weight paper. I have used sale inserts and magazines and they work well, but they do have to have the center stapled.

Another thing, I dont like a magazine that has a heavy cover or a glued spine.

So you might wonder…..which magazine worked for me….in the picture I am sharing I used an All You magazine!! Mind you I have plenty of them in my house, even stashed in cupboards for later browsing….another story…another day.Magazine-Christmas-Tree-Oh-My-Heartsie-Girl

So what you need for the project:
Magazine with at least 108-130 pages (Gives fullness)
Glue stick
Spray Paint or not
Lightweight Christmas ribbon

Step 1 Open magazine and on the second page, make a fold to center slightly away from the center. (Step 1 photo)
Step 2 Fold again to center pressing crease firmly. It will look like a tie (Step 2 photo)
Step 3 Fold the tail up to the edge of the magazine (Step 3 photo)
Step 4 Continue through the magazine to the end and include the front page
Step 5 Spread pages so the even out all around
If the bottom forces the pages to separate, use the glue stick to tack down each one
You can choose to leave unpainted or spray a light coat of your choice of color
Add a ribbon of your choice and use a bit of glue to adhere.
Use spray glue and sprinkle with glitter
Top with a star
I was inspired to make a paper tree from My Sweethings Paper Christmas Tree
This was a quick little project and I like easy. Give one a try.

You can find more detailed instructions and Direct Link to Tutorial: View This Tutorial

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My complete directions How to Make a Magazine Christmas Tree {Christmas DIY Decor}
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