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Front Cover Daphne's Diary 2013

Front Cover Daphne’s Diary 2013

Daphne’s Diary Magazine

I was going through some of my craft supplies and ran into a magazine I fell in love with at Barns and Noble. Mind you I dont usually buy magazines especially when their cost is exorbitant marked $12.99 and because it has been so long, 2013 I doubt there was any discount. But like I said, I loved this one, the front cover caught my eye, a little shabby chic and the colors amazing.

This magazine is published in the UK and available in countries like Belgium, Austrian, Germany and Switzerland + US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  From the magazine name Daphne’s Diary, it is full of fun things you dont find in most magazines, large in size and on beautiful paper with almost every page having a back ground.

In the magazine there are labels you can cut out to use, envelopes to use, articles that are amazing written by Daphne and others. Very colorful throughout the entire 122 pages. There are recipes, and tons of places she has visited, from flee markets, shopping with great pictures. She writes about collectibles from stores she visits, crafts that you can make, fun poems she has written. Shopping in farmers gardens and the list goes on and on.

She has a website at Daphne’s Diary and you can find her on Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Pinterest 

A magazine full of inspiration and style.

What caught my eye and because it is fall and I am thinking about the little birds that visit in the winter.  I found this page to share with birdseed cakes you can make, that I’m sure the birds will love. I make pine cones spread with peanut butter and rolled in birdseed’s, attach a ribbon and hang in a tree between branches that they sit on one branch to reach the pine cone. They love it.  I make several at a time, so I have a backup, ready for when all the seed is gone. Daphines Diary- Dining With The Birds

I was hoping that you could read from the picture but here is the recipe so here it is.


Paper Cake cases (Cupcake Paper Liners)


Melt the lard in a pan. Sprinkle a little seed into paper cake cases (cup cake papers) and pour in melted lard.  Leave to cool and your cakes are ready. You can decorate around them with pine cones gourds, pumpkins and make it into a fall decoration for your outdoor table.
Dining With The Birds Recipes

I hope you enjoyed the feature on Daphene’s Diary, this magazine is like no other I have seen, so full of wonderful things that you can use in crafts, cutouts, tags, recipes and more.

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