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The Right Respite

Ideally, we should spend one-third of the day working, one-third resting or engaging in other activities, and one-third sleeping–but how many of us are actually that balanced? Every now and again, it’s important to recharge and take a bit of a respite. Sometimes, it can even be imperative for our health. Let’s take a look at a few ways we can make sure we get the space for rejuvenation that we need. 

Taking Time For a Break a Respite



Self-care is essential, both in small doses and large. When we are in our best shape, both mentally and physically, we can do our best work and do a better job taking care of others.

There are plenty of ways to sneak self-care in every day. One important self-care step is sleep. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recommends making enough time to sleep, but sleep is often the first thing to go when we get stressed. If you can, make time to get enough sleep each night. You should also protect your mental wellbeing. Daily activities such as meditation (or prayer), volunteering, and reading meaningful works will help give your heart and soul a sense of peace and perspective–a trust in the larger scheme of things. You might keep a journal of positive thoughts or a list of self-affirmations that you read every day to promote self-respect and a positive outlook on life. Journaling or meditation can take as little as five to ten minutes a day, but they create big effects.

Sometimes, self-care needs to upgrade to a vacation or getaway. Studies show that taking time off actually improves productivity, so don’t be afraid to use those vacation days. You might do something as simple as a staycation in which you book a room at a local luxury hotel, or you might rent out a resort house and get out of town. Allow yourself to be pampered and focus on things other than the stressors of your daily life. You might also take a weekend at a fun casino you don’t even have to gamble! Plenty of casinos offer lodging, restaurants, and live entertainment, making them an all-in-one venue for a short stay. While some people prefer relaxing vacations, others may need to have a bit of an adventure. Why not take a trip to a new city, or go hiking or camping for a few days? A little activity and a change of scenery may be exactly what you need to reinvigorate yourself. 

Serious care

Sometimes we need respite and recovery on a literally life-or-death level. Be on the lookout for signs that you or a loved one may need professional looking-after. If you or someone in your family has recently undergone serious surgery, it may be worth spending time at a nursing and rehabilitation center. These facilities help transition people in recovery back into everyday life, so that they don’t get a shock when they go back to their daily routines. These services also emphasize the importance of caregiver respite, and they frequently offer short-term care so that the caregiver can have a few days off. If a loved one needs to go into hospice care, choose a facility that will ensure that his or her last days are the ultimate respite, with pain and symptom management, comfortable facilities, and a welcome space for family and friends to gather.

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    Rest and self care are so important as well as mentally resting the mind through meditation. Without proper rest the body can break down and we are less able to fight off stress.

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