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Welcome to all bloggers that want to boost their blogs by getting out old posts/stories that are still very viable stories that get forgotten about as they disappear from sight after a short period of time, to soon forgotten. 

Bloggers are some of the most creative, imaginative and talented women and sometimes men. Whether you bake, sew, create crafts, recycle, upcycle or make home improvements, renovations, write about blogging, saving money, health, dieting,  how you built a business, or sharing an idea from an old post, this is going to be a great way to share those buried stories, archived stories!!

I love helping bloggers and promoting them, that’s why I came up with this event. I hope you will support the event each week, signup for early notifications and other upcoming announcements!

Time to get ready! For Something Old is Something New

So with that said I’m here to help you reinvigorate your blogs and help your SEO.

But if you missed my first post about this event, I have made updates tips and hints on what we are about to accomplish here, if you did not read the Announcement there are lots of tips to get started.
This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

Now let’s get this event going, Step by Step…Please Follow…Guidelines
1. You will be allowed 2 links And is only open for 50 Links Total
2. Only add 2 Old Posts
3. »No Parties »No Giveaways »No Affiliate Ads/Links
All Others Will be removed so bloggers can share their “old posts” I will be checking date and removing to follow guidelines.
4. Be sure to leave me a comment-Tell me what you think about the event
5. Be sure to share on your favorite social media before you leave.
6. Visit 2 other bloggers and comment on their blog. This is golden and is what will make this event work.
7. Be sure your post has at least one picture in for Pinning on Pinterest

If you have other ‘NEW” posts you would like to share, be sure to stop by Friday Features and Linkup there.
I hope that you will enjoy this new event,  let’s see how it works out, I’m hoping for success!

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Something Old is Something New
Starts Saturday Mornings 10:00 AM PST
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*I have some fun items on Amason that as a blogger I can use and I thought of you. These are affiliate links so if you click and buy I will be ever so grateful.

About Karren Haller

I am a +70 Blogger that loves connecting with other women through blogging. A new recipe always intrigues, finding a new craft, creating bracelets occasionally and gardening is a favorite and writing brand reviews is a favorite for my readers. But most of all the connection to other bloggers. Creativity, simple life and getting things done

27 thoughts on “Something Old Is Something New »Launch Day

  • Ann

    Great idea! I try to share old posts on Pinterest and other platforms. The dates on Pruning Fuchsias and 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site are from 2019, but that is because I updated the posts and don’t know how to keep the original dates on the posts. Pruning Fuchsias is one of my first blog posts! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  • Clearissa Coward

    Karren, this is genius. It will take a little planning but so worth it. I have read that it’s a good idea to update pictures and refresh older posts before reposting, thusly the planning but this is an excellent idea! Thank you so much for hosting.

  • Amy Byman

    I loved looking back at my favorite old posts! My Princess was so tiny. What a great way to feature these wonderful posts from the past.

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Liberty its not if your “Blog is OLD” it is for “OLD posts”, some of your oldest posts,
    So please come back with those links. The whole thing is to get traffic to the older posts, it is good for building your SEO for your blog, especially if you wanted to do product reviews or for signing up for affiliate programs to be approved.

    Sorry for any confusion.
    Have a great weekend!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Anne, Thanks for joining us, thats ok, your post is from 2018, this is the first one of these linkups so there is a learning curve.
    I will be doing this next week, still working out the bugs on guidelines.
    Have a great weekend!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Amy, I visited to check out your old post and you are right, your little princess has grown so much! And you always have so many collectibles, they are great.
    I have pinned on a new board I created for this event.
    HOpe you have a great weekend!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Yes Clearissa, it does take planning, but Neil says it is so worth it, why waste a good post, just because it has disappeared off the front page. I spend a lot of time refreshing old posts, many times when I am adding a post as a related article to an article I am publishing. Sometimes finding new pictures. In this day and age, the world has gotten so visual, so that is important.
    Thank you for participating, appreciate your comment!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    No problem on the date, my date does not change unless I make that change. I just refresh and use the Update button, but not all blog platforms work the same way.
    Thank you for participating, I have created a new Pinterest board for these posts.
    I hope you have a great week!

  • Nancy Dobbins

    Hi Karren,
    I’m a new blogger, so I don’t have very old posts…I posted one I felt that folks would be interested in reading. Thanks for sponsoring this…just found you so looking forward to reading more.

  • WT Abernathy

    Thank you for hosting this ‘older’ blog post link up- It gave me an opportunity to revise some of my much older posts (I posted 2 from 2014) and realize I need to get back in there and adjust some SEO. I’ve learned a bit since then:)

  • Mother of 3

    What a fabulous idea! I added it to my list of linkys and will definitely be back!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    I used to do this a long time ago and decided to do it again, bloggers forget to share some of their older links.
    Have a great week! Hope to see you on Saturday!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    No worries on the dates of those posts. ANd now they have been Pinned on our new Pinterest board, look for it #somethingoldissomethingnew
    Hope to see you again on Saturday, have a great week!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    I did this years ago and thought it was time, as all those older posts with great information are missing out being seen.
    Hope to see you again this Saturday! Feel better soon!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Amy thank you for joining us this week, yes your little girl is growing up fast!
    I hope the new event helps gets new attention to older great content!
    HOpe you have a great week and see you on Saturday!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Anne, no worries, this is all new, and were so used to just popping into parties to add our links.
    Hope to see you again on Saturday, your link or links have been added to our new Event Board, check it out on Pinterest…#somethingoldissomethingnew
    Have a great week!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Liberty, no worries, just some of your older ones, that need some attention works well.
    Stop by and share again. Have a great week!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Nancy, thank you for stopping by, congratulations on being a new blogger!! Thank you also for Pinning our New Event, I appreciate that, so much!!!
    If you ever need any help with blogging or have questions let me know.
    You might also want to come to our other parties, check them out Fridays #omhgff or Wednesdays #omhgww.
    Hope you have a great week!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi WT, aww Im glad that the event spurred you on to update an old post, I have been working at that now for several months and continue to do so.
    Im glad that you like our new event and I hope you will join us again on Saturday!
    Have a lovely week!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Sarah, thank you so much for stopping by, you have an awesome blog full of great articles on planting and gardening!
    I hope you will join us again on #somethingoldissomethingnew and share some of your good old posts.
    You also have a new follower on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!!
    Now I hope you have a lovely week!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hey Joanne, glad you find it a great idea, be sure to pop by Saturday morning to get in the 50 blog posts.
    Hope you have a great week!

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