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Join-us-for-ideas-and-inspiration-to-plan-and-celebrate-st-patrick-day.St Patrick’s Day-What Does it Mean-When Did it Start
St Patrick The Saint
Have you ever wondered……Actually, it started back in 385 AD and as the story goes Patrick was born and later became a Patron Saint and eventually there was a celebration/feast day and a celebration of the Irish Heritage by Christian faith. And as I have read there are many myths about Patrick, here are a few fun facts:
♣ March 17th is the day since St. Patrick’s death.
♣There is a myth that he drove all the snakes in Ireland …
♣St Patrick was not Irish and not born in Ireland but in Britain around 385 AD
♣ St. Patrick’s color was not green….But blue, changed in the 17th century
♣The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in New York City in 1762.
♣ He was a slave at 16 kidnapped and kept in slavery for 10 years tending sheep ran away at age 22 to a monastery in Gaul for 12 years. Where he studied for the priesthood and was ordained a bishop. And later took his teachings back to Ireland and for 30 years where he was determined to convert the country to Christianity, according to his Bio. Source

If you would like to learn more about the history St. Patrick’s Day History

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Ireland and today and here in America, we celebrate with parades, parties, good food like the stews and corn-beef.

Through a request I made last year to bloggers I had them link up to share some great inspiration for recipes and fun projects…plus a few I found when visiting other blogs!!

15 St. Patrick's Day Treats♣ The first comes from Marilyn’s Treats with
15 St. Patrick’s Day Treats, they look wonderful!
Marilyn Treats
St-Patricks-Day-Wreath-Across-the-BlvdA great St. Patrick’s Day wreath, I love it, from
// Across the Blvd

Sparkling chewy sugar cookies recipe From the Family With LoveGreat Sugar Cookies // From The Family With Love

21-St-Patricks-Day-RecipesJust Us Four // 21 St Patrick’s Day Recipes
 A Sprinkle of this and That♣ A Sprinkle of This and That \\ That Pot O’ Gold \\Easy Mini Minty Brownies \\
Irish Soda Bread Pudding \\ Frozen Creme de Menthe Cupcakes
Double Dipped Mint Shortbread Cookies

Four Leaf Clover Printout♣ Blog Aquarian //
Print out a lucky four-leaf clover card as a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity

Lucky-Print-♣ Bombshell Bling // “Lucky” St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable

Luck of the Irish Rice Krispie Treats.♣ Oh My Creative // St Patrick’s Day Irish Crispy Treats

Double Pistachio Cake

♣ Memories by the Mile // Double Pistachio Cake

And that’s it I hope you find some great inspiration from my St Patrick’s Day Features!!
And if you have more, please feel free to add here to share!!

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