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DIY Style: How to Accessorize a Teen’s Bedroom

If you’re looking around your bedroom and spot three or more items that have been lining your dresser or bookcase since the sixth grade, it’s time to freshen up your space. You don’t have to settle for having a child’s room. With a little assistance from Mom and Dad, you can turn your bedroom into the ultimate teen lounge. You can do it on the cheap, too, with some radically awesome arts and crafts projects!

DIY Jewelry Display, inspired by: Can Can Dancer

Materials Needed:
Vintage glass plates (small, medium and large)
Vintage candlesticks
Spray paint, metallic or neon (Make it funky!)
Plastic tarp

Source: Style Me Pretty

Source: Artsy Chicks Rule









Step 1: Wash the plates with soapy water and pat dry them. Set aside.
Step 2: Repeat Step 1 with the candlesticks.
Step 3: Lay out the plastic tarp outdoors. Spray paint the dried candlestick holders. Let dry.
-You can spray paint the plates too if you would like. However, if they’re a pattern you already like, stick with it! It’s fun to mix bold colors with rich patterns!
Step 4: Caulk the bottom of one of the candlesticks and set in the center of the large plate. The large plate will be the base of the jewelry display.
Step 5: Caulk the top of the candlestick and set the bottom of the medium-sized plate on top. Allow to dry.
Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second candlestick holder and smallest plate. Set aside and let dry.
After the display has completely dried you can show off your jewelry. Each tier of the display can be used for a certain type:
Top – Earrings
Middle – Bracelets
Bottom – Necklaces

It’s completely up to you; it’s your display!


DIY BOHO Wall Hanging, inspired by: Design Sponge

Materials Needed:
Full-sized white flat sheet
Acrylic paint, brightly colored
Plastic plate
Large potato
Carving knife
Leather cord
Wooden dowel (Should measure the same width as the sheet)

Step 1: Lay out the sheet on a flat work surface.
Step 2: Cut the potato in half length-wise. Carve a shape (circle, square, crescent, triangle, etc.) into the meat of the potato. The carved potato is going to be your stamp for the project.
Step 3: Pour the paint onto the plastic plate. Dip the carved potato into the paint. Press it firmly against the surface of the sheet. Repeat this process on the entirety of the sheet. Let dry.
-You can use multiple colors and shapes for this project. If you want your wall hanging to include a quote, block of the portion of the sheet with painter’s tape! You can also just paint the expression (or even a scene!) over the finished patterned sheet.
Step 4: While you’re waiting for the sheet to dry, cut a length of leather cord and tie either end to the tops of the wooden dowel. You will use the cord as your hanging tool, so it should have enough slack to hang nicely on the wall.
Step 5: After the sheet has dried, drape it over the wooden dowel. Hang the dowel on the wall.

You can make multiple wall hangings and change them out every few months for something new and different!


DIY Clothespin Sunburst Frame, inspired by: Smart Chick Teacher Country Living clothespin-crafts-mirror

Materials Needed:
Spray paint, multiple colors
20 clothespins
Plastic tarp
Washi tape
Hot glue gun
Packet of hot glue


Step 1: Draw a large circle on the cardboard. Draw another smaller circle inside of that one.
Step 2: Using your scissors, cut out the circles. For this project you will use the donut-shaped cardboard circle, you can recycle the unused circle.
Step 3: Wrap washi tape around the circle until the cardboard is completely covered. Set the circle aside.
Step 4: Lay out the plastic tarp outdoors. Spray paint the clothespins. You can spray paint the clothespins multiple colors or one color, it’s up to you. Let dry. -If you would like, you can add strips of washi tape to the clothespins to make interesting patterns!
Step 5: Turn the cardboard circle over. Hot glue a Z-Clip to the top back.
Step 6: After the clothespins have dried, hot glue the side of the clothespin you pinch together to the circle. Repeat this step for all 20 of the clothespins.
Step 7: Select 20 items you want to display on the sunburst frame, they can be pictures, concert tickets or other memorabilia. Push down on the clothespin tabs and insert the photos into the mouth of the clothespin.

Now you’re ready to hang your sunburst frame and show off the friends, family and things you love!

Aren’t these arts and crafts projects super easy? Who knew a little paint and glue could so especially change up a space, am I right?

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