How To Train A Blind Puppy


Blind dogs can be trained just like any other dog. Though they are blind, they are still more than capable of learning.            

Give Your Blind Dog A Scent Map

To train a blind dog, the first thing you can do is to scent the corners of rooms, walls, doorways, and even your furniture, with vanilla or lavender or whichever you like. This method will give your dog a path of scent to follow, and it can quickly learn where everything is. You can scent the toys of your dog as well so that they are easy to distinguish. There are special toys for blind dogs​ that you can buy for your dog.​   

Choose A Training Method

A great method to train blind dogs is Clicker Training. “Click” makes a short and concise sound, which is easily distinguishable. Use the click sound to mark the exact moment that your dog does the right thing. And then reward your dog, the most common reward is a small, soft piece of food. Two of the easiest to teach a dog while using a clicker are:

1. Luring

In luring, you use a small, soft piece of food to lure your dog into position. For example, if you want to teach your dog to sit, you take a training treat and put it in front of your dog’s nose, slowly move the treat up and over his head. As he raises his head to track the food, his rear end will naturally hit the floor. As soon as it happens, “click” to mark the exact moment your dog sits. Follow this immediately with the reward.

2. Capture

Capture is when you click and treat your dog for something you liked that he did on his own. For example, if you want to teach your dog to lie down, then the moment he lays down, click, and treat. If he continues, click and treat him a few more times. If you repeat this, soon, he will realize that lying down will be rewarded, and soon he will begin to offer this behavior.

Basic Training Commands For Your Blind Dog

Once you see that your dog has started responding to the clicker, you are ready to start.

1. Name Game

Begin with 10 small and soft treats. Say the name of your dog and give him a treat. Do this 10 times. Over a period of 2 to 3 days, do this a couple of times per day. You want to see your dog getting excited at the sound of his name. Now, when he is not paying attention, call out his name. The moment he turns and is facing your direction, clicks, and give him a treat. Soon he will start responding to is the name.

2. Come

You can teach this the same way as you taught the name game above. You can teach it by using the word “come” or a whistling sound.

3. Sit

For this, use the same steps as mentioned above in luring.

4. Down

Make your dog sit. Then take a small and soft treat and put it in front of the nose of your dog. Slowly bring it down between the front feet of the dog. Let your dog smell it, or even lick it, hold it till he crouches into a down position. Now click and treat. 

Blind dogs are not trained differently from other dogs. You just need patience and consistency, and you can train your dog in no time.
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