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Keeping your house clean is difficult enough in itself. And if you want to do it properly, you have to think about all the different materials and the proper ways of cleaning them. Cleaning Tiles

Wooden floors, carpets, upholstered furniture, glass surfaces, and of course, tiles. It is almost impossible to imagine a home without them, at least in the bathroom and kitchen, but with modern design, they are spreading all over the place.

Regardless of their location and color, tiles might be quite a challenge when it comes to keeping them clean. But of course, nothing is impossible, so with the right approach, it can become much easier than before. MaidThis experts share a few tips that could save a lot of time and energy while cleaning the tiles.

Keep Up the Frequency

The more often you clean your tiles, the easier it will be for you. Have the cleaning equipment ready at hand, and use it whenever you find a moment.

Also, make sure you immediately clean up any potential mess on the tiles and prevent it from piling it up. For instance, wipe the tiles after every shower. It will later save you a lot of time and energy during the general cleaning. 

Sweeping and mopping are equally important, though you might want to put a special accent on sweeping as it will help to keep the glaze on your tiles, which could otherwise be dulled by the accumulated grit.

Take Care of the Debris First

This is the first step in every tile cleaning. First remove all the crumbs, dirt, hair and other debris.

Of course, vacuuming is always the most efficient way, but if you want to keep it frequent, as mentioned above, you can leave vacuuming for “special occasions”, i.e. big cleaning, and simply swipe it in the meantime.

Otherwise, if you apply water immediately, you will probably just make a way bigger mess, and will consequently spend more time taking care of it. So get rid of all that piled up dirt first, and then you can move on to mopping.

Change the Water

If you keep mopping your tiles with dirty water, can you really call it cleaning?

If you do that, you will only make your floor cloudy. Plus, in this way, you will not remove all the dirt from the floor, but someone who walks in socks over your tile certainly will, as this type of careless wiping will certainly leave your socks dirty.

So make sure you change the cleaning water regularly, but don’t use too much detergent. If you use too much soap, it is going to create a residue on your tiles, and you don’t want it.

Just to be sure that doesn’t happen, don’t put too much detergent, and if you have been doing that before, use lemon juice or some other mild acid or all-purpose cleaner to remove the film that has appeared on your tiles.

Clean the Grouts

Keeping the grouts clean requires more than regular mopping. Plus, don’t forget people often have tiles on the walls as well, not just on the floors.

The problem with grout is that they’re a bit difficult to access, and they absorb grease and similar stains.

The good thing is you can make the most efficient grout cleaner at home, by using baking soda and water paste. You should rub the paste into the grouts and leave it do the work overnight.

Use a stiff brush (nylon, not metal, as it could damage the surfaces) to scrub it. You can repeat this process several times until grouts return to their previous condition. And to prevent further stains, you can apply a silicon-based sealer.

Tiles can be used in many places in our homes, which makes their proper cleaning all that more important.

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