How Safe Are Your Children Using iPhones and iPads?

Apple spy software: Parenting gear for treading through your child’s social media labyrinth  (Social Network)

The biggest challenge that parents face these days is to decide when to give their child a personal cell phone. Parents have fears that are now beyond spending hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone or iPad for their kids. The battleground has changed and so are the participants. It’s now the internet vs. parents.

According to a dailymail survey, parents, on average spend around £51575 (U.S. $75,300) on their kids before they have already turned 18. This amount is apportioned between their food, clothing, education, and the first car, driving lessons, etc. They spend their life’s fortune on their kids but ignore one very basic contemporary parenting lesson: How to teach their kids to be better digital citizens. Teaching your kids digital etiquettes is one of the most important things in this time and age.

Parenting gear is a thing now, and that includes GPS tracking devices, teen car trackers, Apple spy software, etc. While all of these technological innovations are cheap, spying apps can further save you hundreds of dollars


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Social media attractions—an abysmal labyrinth

Kids seem to be highly impulsive towards social media content. Before there were no smartphones or tablets, internet wasn’t very influential. But now, there are too many channels for kids to go online. Kids are addicted to cell phones and as soon as the notification sound emanates from a smartphone, they turn to them, like zombies would do finding a human nearby.


XNSPY: A supercalifragilistic parental control app

Amongst other Apple spy software, XNSPY turns out to be one of the most affordable ways to track kids’ online and offline activity. Not only that—the app has an amalgamation of some very useful parental monitoring features.

With XNSPY, you can track all major social media accounts of your kids. They include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Kik, Skype, Viber, and iMessage. There are three things that you should worry about when your child is online:

  1. The multimedia they share.
  2. Who they are friends with.
  3. How they perceive social media

The app can give you access to chats, photos, videos, audio and phonebook of every aforementioned IM app. So you can know exactly know who your kids are talking to and what kind of stuff they are sharing. Online predating and cyber harassment make the internet an entirely unsafe place for kids, and just one photo sent to the wrong person can annihilate your child’ future.

How kids perceive social media should be the biggest concern of parents. The fabricated façade of success, riches, and beauty can turn a child into a hedonist. In fact, kids are seen to be involved in numerous lethal social media trends, already.

Reckless driving—leading factor for deaths amongst teens

Car accidents are one of the leading factors for deaths amongst teens. What’s more appalling than teens asking for a new smartphone is they asking for the car keys, because this can lead to some serious consequences right away.

XNSPY Tracker App for kids phones

XNSPY: A complete GPS tracker

GPS tracking devices like wrist bands, chips are just a waste of money if your child is carrying a cell phone. You can easily track your kid’s exact location using their iPhones. You can use xnspy to track your kids’ driving sessions. Having an Apple spy software on your kid’s cell phone can also tell you if they are using their phone while driving. If it’s so, you can lock their phones for the whole journey duration using the remote lock feature.

Poor sleep cycles, health aggravation, and poor performance

Smartphones have become an integral part of our kids’ lives and spending 8-9 hours of the day just to glare at the screen would mean compromising over other aspects of life, like school and health. It’s common for teens to engage in online activities in the latter part of the night when everyone else is asleep. The outcome is poor sleeping habits and resulting aggravation of health and grades.

If you find your child to be groggy and a poor performer at school, you really need to monitor how much time they are spending with their iPhones and iPads. XNSPY will provide you with actuarial reports regarding your child’s cell phone use which you can then use to devise a plan around smartphone use.

Unsolicited Access to adult content

You can’t ignore how widespread is pornographic content over the internet. Even if your child never indulges in such acts, they might get unsolicited exposure to such content. Websites with poor ratings are usually endowed with adult websites backlinks which can easily take your child to somewhere sinister. While it’s natural for adolescents to get attracted to adult photos and videos, as a parent, you won’t want that to happen.

XNSPY doesn’t give you the option to individually block apps, but sure can view the web browsing history on your child’s cell phone. It’s undoubtedly a great tool for parental monitoring that you can get for as low as $8.33/month.

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