How To Deal: How Living Sober Will Make You Beautiful Again

How Living Sober Will Make You Beautiful Again

How To Deal: How Living Sober Will Make You Beautiful Again

Being high feels good, but it takes its toll on the body. We have all seen that friend transform from a heavenly beauty to this plaster of make-up with a bare resemblance to the one we care for so dearly. Alcohol or any drug for that matter not only messes up the mind but also that natural look we all strive for.

Some of the best addiction tips are given by those who have already combated this problem. They are also the ones who can truly explain the transformation one goes through from high to sober.

Below are five benefits as experienced by those a few years down the path of sobriety.

  1. Glowing Skin

It is common knowledge that alcohol dehydrates the body. What you probably don’t realize is that skin is the longest organ and requires an immense amount of hydration. Giving up alcohol not only impacts the skin directly but also other bodily functions thus resulting is a glowing and nourished skin.

Not waking up to a hangover also will give you the opportunity to exercise or practice yoga. This will further enhance your skin and help you start your day will a bundle of energy.

  1. Longer Hours for Self

When you are not spending hours drowning yourself in vodka or snorting cocaine, an array of time opens up.

It gives you those inspiring hours in the morning and incredible time in the evening. An opportunity to plan a better day and get that pedicure you never found time for.

The morning hours are also the best time to be with you. Understanding what truly makes you happy and doing it. A happy heart makes you look and feel more beautiful than you could have ever dreamed of.  How To Deal: How Living Sober Will Make You Beautiful Again

  1. Vanishing Dark Circles

All those hours spent in the morning trying to cover up those ugly dark lines that make you look like a zombie. The hundreds of dollars spent on make-up and under-eye cream are all pointless.

We all know that exhaustion and dehydration are the leading causes for dark circles. Staying off substances will automatically ensure your body gets enough water and sleep.

Everyone wants to look fresh in the morning, to look in the mirror and find a princess instead of a troll. Well, this is one of the best parts about staying sober. A great start to every morning.

  1. More Money to Shop

So much money wasted on drugs, on addiction and on covering them up. Sobriety gives you the opportunity to splurge this money on something way more fun. Yourself!

And if you do it right, be fashionably chic on a budget, you can flaunt a new outfit for every sober day.

  1. Look and Feel Younger

Hydrated skin, lack of dark circles, unlimited energy and a new zeal for life! Sounds familiar? Yes, it used to be you and can be you.

All in all, sobriety makes you look and feel younger. You can stay 20 with the wisdom of a 50-year-old. Doesn’t that sound like fun!

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