Homeschooling: A New Lifestyle with Promising Results

Homeschooling can provide a safe environment for teaching children at home

Homeschooling A New Lifestyle with Promising Results

Homeschooling is always a topic which inspires a lot of debate both with parents and with teachers. There are numerous misconceptions regarding the efficiency of this type of education. They usually include thinking that children won’t receive all the necessary knowledge, that they will lack socialization and most of all that parents are not qualified enough for the job.

With this article, we will try to clear them all up and show the numerous benefits kids can have if their parents opt for schooling them at home.

Making it personal

Making it personal 

Homeschooling allows for personalized curriculum, this includes choosing the types of subjects and length of classes according to your child’s preferences. This is a clear benefit for kids. Apart from getting the regular subjects, they can also get specialized ones which interest them personally. In addition, since the length of class is flexible it can be adapted to their individual learning capabilities. More importantly, the amount of homework can be tailored so as to allow your child to have enough free time to explore hobbies and other activities. All of this doesn’t mean that children are sheltered when homeschooled.  They still need to fulfill all their educational obligations, and at the same time parents need to learn how to help them do so. The general opinion that homeschooled kids have it easy is wrong, they have to study just as hard, maybe even more so than their peers who attend classes in schools.

The importance of freedom  The importance of freedom

Homeschooling comes with a significant amount of freedoms. First and foremost is the physical freedom. When you don’t have the obligation to travel to and from school, and you are not limited by someone else’s itinerary, there is a lot of freedom of movement that kids attending regular schools are not able to have. So the whole family can plan different vacation times, school breaks and so on. Then there is the extremely valuable emotional freedom. Peer pressure is a real burden for a lot of kids, add to that constant competitiveness and the realistic possibility of being bullied, you can see how homeschooling can help prevent this. Kids who are being homeschooled can dress and express themselves as they please, without worrying about other people’s perception of them and without feeling the pressure to fit in. This helps them build self-esteem and enables them to express their individuality without the fear of being rejected by society.

Trying different approaches

It is important for a parent, especially a mom to know that they are not alone when it comes to homeschooling. By communicating with other parents who are homeschooling their kids you can exchange ideas and get useful tips. Having other moms come and teach some of the classes can give your child a different point of view on that subject and broaden their knowledge spectra. It is also good for them to experience different teaching approaches so that they can determine which ones suites them best. In addition, if you are worried that you don’t have all the answers for some of the subjects like Math or English, it’s ok. There is always the option of finding an experienced English tutoring center that can offer great support if you should at times feel out of your depth with certain lessons. Yes, homeschooling can be challenging and at times parents tend to worry if they are doing a good enough job, but judging by the success that homeschooled kids have on a college level and university entrance exams, there is no need for doubt.

More and more families are opting for this manner of education. Some kids are able to reach their full potential only in small controlled learning environments. Schools are still the best place for children who thrive in an environment that bustling with energy, is highly social and full of peer interaction. There is a different pace of study for homeschooling in comparison to schools, however, it is important for a parent to accurately access which one is the most suitable for their child.  Finally, as an added bonus, parents of homeschooled children, get to provide their children with healthy food every day, avoiding the dangers of cafeteria chow, which has a positive impact on the child’s overall health.

Do you homeschool? Pros and Cons, let me know in comments.


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