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 How to Design the Perfect His-and-Hers Bedroom

Moving in with your other half is a big deal and one that’s often fraught with complications that hadn’t even crossed your mind previously. Maybe they’re a hoarder and there’s not enough room for all of their stuff in the new house, or maybe you both just have completely different tastes. It can be a challenging exercise in compromise and usually the hardest room to find a happy medium in is the bedroom (yes, we’re still talking about decorating.)

But there are a couple of tricks that can help you streamline negotiations:

Try to Keep it Neutral

Neutral colors like ivory, gray, and navy are subtle enough to use as a base color without making any kind of strong statements. Using the same neutral color on walls and upholstery will ground the space and allow the bed to become the focal point of the room. Lighting tends to make the best kinds of accent in with these kinds of color schemes.

Step 2: Focus on the Lighting

As well as having the main overhead light consider bedside lights that can be turned on and off separately, and also flattering lighting if you have a dressing table or mirror. Putting your artificial lights onto dimmer switches is a great idea for a bedroom because it allows you to set the right atmosphere at the touch of a button. But don’t miss out on indirect lighting opportunities that can positively transform a space. Bedroom Lighting

Step 3: The Right Bed

Make sure you choose the bed together, even if your other half insists he’s not bothered. Decide on one or two patterns for your new bedding. And don’t let mattress shopping be a bear — make an outing of it. Have fun testing out a four poster and pretending to be royalty, and then go out for a romantic evening and a hearty meal. Or stay in and shop for a premium foam mattress online together.

Step 4: Combine Styles

Combining different furniture styles is a perfect way to compromise if you both have quite individual tastes is by. This is easier to do in the bedroom than any other room in the house. Use your chosen bed as the starting point and then add different pieces of furniture to see how they fit. Remember that the bedroom should be a restful zone, so you don’t want to cram too much into space. Consider accessories, too. If his favorite chair works well with the scheme then why not compromise with your choice of cushions or a throw. His and Hers Bedroom

Step 5: Decorative Touches

A great way to achieve a balance in a bedroom is through decorative accessories such as vases or candles that you both like the scent of. Another great tip for creating unison is using framed photos of each other and the experiences you’ve had together. If elements of the room help you both to relive shared memories, then the room will likely become a symbol of your connectedness and a haven for both of you.

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