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Inspired ideas for family interiors A cozy nest where your family’s personalities meet and where talents are inspired and cultivated.

We all think of a family home as a place of comfort and shelter; a place we return to after a long day at work, and seek out when we’re in need of warmth, a meal, and rest. The truth is that a family home is so much more than that. It’s a haven for creativity, discussion and thought; a cozy nest where your family’s personalities meet and where talents are inspired and cultivated. There are many ways in which you can decorate and embellish your home. One option is to look into custom neon signs online and order one that has a significant meaning to you and your home. It’s the ideal way to make a house feel cozier and brighter. Above all, your family home is the one place you’ll all return to, regardless of the occasion, offering an environment in which you’re free to be yourself. Its interiors, therefore, should be carefully designed and decorated to reflect each member of your family, and to offer nurture from the moment a child is born.

With all of this in mind, below are five of the most inspired ideas for your family home’s interior. With every brushstroke, light fitting and accessory, your home should quickly become a space that is both functional and comfortable, as well as a place of nurture and love.

Use colour carefully Paint Cloors for your home

Colour has the ability to alter mood in a heartbeat, changing the way you view a room forever. Red, for example, can evoke feelings of warmth and passion, while pale green and yellow are calming and gentle, and purple evokes the imagination. It’s little wonder then, that so many people think to pick up a paintbrush when they’re hoping to be inspired. Colour wizards Pantone have named ‘Greenery’ as their shade of the year, and the colour green will form the basis of many interior trends expected to make waves in 2017. If you’re a little more reserved, consider creating a feature wall or using coloured accessories, rather than decorating. Colour can be used to great effect in so many ways, and not all of them require bravery or a brash personality.

Choose a theme  Buying secondhand for your home

This tip is short and sweet, as nobody but you can choose a theme for your home. However, a theme is certainly worth thinking about if you want to create a space that’s inspiring, fun and utterly enjoyable to live in. The great thing about themes is that they don’t have to be overly complicated or expensive to achieve. Indeed, the vintage look is incredibly easy to recreate, particularly if you’re choosing to upcycle or purchase a patchwork of items from secondhand stores and antique fairs. Other themes you may wish to consider are the great outdoors and nature, and bohemian and ethereal, with underwater themes, beloved characters and circus motifs in the spaces used by your children.

Use light to your advantage Buying colored shutters for room accent

Few things are as inspiring as natural light; sunlight is completely free to use and has the ability to transform any space with the flick of a curtain or the placement of a large mirror. Indeed, light can be used to create an illusion of warmth and depth and to make smaller rooms appear much larger than they are. Harness the power of natural light with some beautiful plantation window shutters, which will frame your windows perfectly. Not only are such accessories effortlessly stylish, but they’ll also enable you to control the flow of light into your home, whenever the mood takes you. What’s more, they’re a great way to reduce noise pollution from a busy street and to maintain a steady temperature during the heat of summer or chill of winter.
Clever storage goes a long way  Home Series Clever Storage

Every family needs storage; it’s a simple fact that people accumulate belongings, particularly when those people are pint-sized family members. A toddler’s ability to accumulate stuff is one of life’s great mysteries, especially since they’re so small themselves. It’s very easy for family homes to become cluttered and messy, and to transform from comfortable nests into places you dread returning to. Clever storage is all you need to retain that homely feel and to add a little something extra to your décor. Consider treasure chests and brightly coloured boxes in children’s bedrooms and playrooms, cleverly positioned curtains or drapes to disguise alcove and under-the-stair storage, and furniture that can be used for its original purpose and to contain belongings – a bookshelf chair, anyone?

Playing with texture
Home Series Wall Covering consider creating a feature walls
Texture can be just as inspiring as colour when it comes to interior design. It allows us to differentiate between spaces and add personality, as well as giving us something to look at and talk about. Texture inspires creativity and introduces children to a range of materials as their senses begin to develop. What’s more, adding texture into the home couldn’t be any easier. In homes where laminate or wooden flooring has been laid, consider adding squares of carpet, or a rug, to alter the sensations beneath your feet. Exposed brickwork around a chimney breast or fireplace can create a stunning centrepiece, while wooden beams will add instant character and texture; both effects can dramatically alter your home’s appearance and feel. For texture that’s less life-changing, consider hanging drapes or wall-mounting material to create a bohemian effect – children will love to run their fingers through these new additions.

While I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to inspirational interior design, please don’t worry if the home of your dreams is yet to appear in your mind’s eye. Interior design is a personal undertaking and should reflect the characters, passions and creativity of the people living under your roof. It would be incredibly boring if we all liked the same things, after all. By all means, browse Instagram images, Pinterest boards and interior design websites, but remember to take your family’s opinions into consideration. A home that is created together is one that will continue to nurture and inspire long after the paint has dried.

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