“Why You Should Use a Heart Rate Monitor During Workouts?”

If you want to find your exercise sweet spot where your body is pushed hard enough without any risk of overuse or injury, then you should use a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor tells you when to slow down or speed up during your workouts to achieve the best results. After all, the amount of exercise not only matters, but the intensity is also an important factor.

The heart is a muscle of your body which gets stronger when you exercise. When you do workouts like weight training, Zumba, cardio, or any other, your body muscles need more oxygen than needed at the time you are resting. Whether you know or don’t know, but it’s a fact that as you do workouts, you are strengthening your heart as well simultaneously with building your body. All these leads to the statement that, ‘The heart rate measurement is an important thing to track the effectiveness of the workout’.

Reasons to use a Best Heart Rate Monitor for your Exercise

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A Continuous Heart Rate Monitor tracks the complete statistics of your high, low, and average data. It can be attached to your foot pod and can be connected to your smartphone and computer wirelessly. Check the below usefulness of a heart rate monitor which will explain the necessity of using them during your workouts.

Different Target Zones: A basic heart rate monitor offers at least up to 3 target zones. The advanced models offer 3 to 6 target zones. The advantage of having various target zones is, during your different workouts like aerobic, endurance, and anaerobic exercises, you can program your heart rate monitor according to that. On the other side, you have to reprogram your heart rate monitor every time you change your exercise parameters if you have only a single target zone.

Timings in a particular Time Zone: Some type of exercises and goals need some more or less time than others. For this, the best heart monitor will track your timings during a particular workout within your time zone.

Calorie Counter: If the exercise you are doing is a part of your weight-loss program, then it is essential to track the number of calories you have burnt during your exercise. A good quality heart rate monitor helps you track the record of the exact amount of calories burnt during your exercise.

Fitness Trainer: A heart rate monitor provides the alert feature for the specified intensity level of you which falls above or below your set target zones.

Sporty Features: The speed and cadence feedbacks are useful for the athletes like cyclists, swimmers, runners, etc. It can help to recognize the strokes which are extremely useful for the swimmers.

Digital Interface and Tethering: You can connect your heart rate monitor with your smartphone or PC to download the statistics of your exercise and storing them for the future records. You can also use it as a wrist-top controller to check your emails, messages, push notifications, social media, etc. without taking out your smartphone from your pocket.

Speed, Distance, and Recovery: A heart rate monitor measures the distance you have covered and maximum, minimum & average speed you have maintained during it. A good heart rate monitor uses the GPS receiver for measuring the exact units. It also tracks the time taken by your heart for coming back to normal and resting rate.

Extras: The best heart monitor also comes with some extra features like clock, alarm, countdown timer, calendar, stopwatch, lap/split times, etc. It also uses a rechargeable or replaceable batteries to simplify the task of its maintenance.


Whether you are a runner, cyclist, hiker, climber, walker, jogger, a person who is involved in a weight loss program, or any other type of athlete, a heart rate monitor will be your best companion to track your goals and keep the records for doing better again and again. It is a useful tool to make sure that you are maintaining the right intensity level during your workouts, training, and performances. If you are already a user of a heart rate monitor, we will love to hear from you how it helps when you work out. Let us know in the comment section below.

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