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Soda Companies Take the Lead in Healthier Lifestyles

One of the overwhelming messages that companies are getting from the public is that living healthier does matter. Many of the companies that make soft drinks have started creating healthier products in response to this demand. There is a much greater number of products available than there were in previous years, giving the public more choices in living healthy.

Bobby Kotick, from Coca-Cola, is an example of one professional affiliated with a soda company that has been reaching out to people who want to live healthier lives. The company has given consumers more choices in the types of soda they have available if they want to live healthier. At one time, consumers only had to choose from regular sodas with high-fructose corn syrup or diet sodas with aspartame. The selection of choices available now benefits customers because they have different tastes to choose from.

For many years, people drank diet soda with aspartame, an artificial sweetener that has zero calories. Companies that make soda have started to branch out into using other sugar substitutes, in an effort to reach customers who don’t drink diet soda. Some companies have started to use Splenda, a zero-calorie sweetener that offers a sweeter taste than some other artificial sweeteners do. Other options include mixtures with pure cane sugar and zero-calorie sweeteners.

Some popular soda brands bottled in Mexico or other countries use cane sugar. While it is not a zero-calorie option, it does offer a different taste that some prefer over sodas sweetened with corn syrup or other sweeteners. Many people enjoy these types of soda because they offer a slightly different flavor.  Bottled Fruit Juice

In addition to sodas, many soft drink companies offer a full range of other beverages. Juice drinks are a common choice that parents prefer, and many of these have several flavor varieties that suit any taste. Many juices come in lighter varieties that people who restrict their sugar intake prefer. Some of the beverage companies sell natural or organic juice products, expanding their reach to a greater number of potential customers.
Soda-Bottles-2112054 Iced tea is another beverage that sees a lot of demand in the soft drink market. In addition to traditional iced tea in sweetened and unsweetened varieties, many companies bottle fruit teas that offer a new flavor for consumers looking for something different. Recent discussion of the role that tea plays in weight loss has made many dieters choose tea as an alternative to soda at meals.
Ice Tea Made at HomeVitamin-enhanced water has also become a staple at many beverage companies. These drinks are good for people who feel that water lacks the flavor that they want. They are also a good choice for people who need to increase their intake of certain vitamins, but don’t like taking pills. Enhanced water comes in several flavors and offers the benefits of zero-calorie beverages.

Soda and other soft drink companies have started to take a much bigger role in fitness initiatives, especially for children. These companies frequently sponsor fitness and health-related events. This approach, combined with a greater selection of low-calories beverages, will help prevent a lot of health problems.

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