Health Series: Adopting a Natural And Organic Lifestyle

Adopting a Natural & Organic Lifestyle

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Just like history, Nature is a great teacher and a precious source of lessons on beauty, wellbeing, and happiness. From diet and personal care to fashion and design, we could all pick up a few cues from Mother Nature on the things that make life healthy, positive, and inspiring, so if one of your 2017 New Year’s resolutions is to embrace a life structured around natural and organic products, you’ve made an excellent decision.

If you want to make the green switch really stick, though, try going au naturale in more than one aspect of life, for the sake of the planet and your own.

An Organic Nom Goes a Long Way

  An Organic Nom Goes a Long Way

There’s more to organic food than meets the palate: staples grown and manufactured sans the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth enhancers, flavors, dyes, and other additives are nutrient denser, less likely to cause allergic reactions, and also have a better taste than their non-organic counterparts.

By going organic with your carte du jour, you’ll be making a dietary investment in lasting health and beauty while slicing the risk of chronic diseases caused by chemicals and toxins found in ready-made food at the same time. For bonus health points, you can start your own organic garden: gardening is a powerful stress buster and a cool way to trim your food expenses in the long run, so you’ll be scooping up three smart gains by a single organic blow.

Bring Out Your Natural Skin Glow

Another aspect of everyday life where you can carry out the green switch easily, a personal care regimen centered on products made from organic ingredients will bring out your natural glow and help keep signs of aging at bay for a few years longer. By detoxifying your beauty regimen of items that contain parabens, petroleum, and other hazardous toxins and chemicals and stocking your vanity with premium-quality organic beauty products, you’ll ensure a healthy and youthful look of your skin, nails, and hair and minimize health risks linked to synthetic-laden cosmetics.

Bring Out Your Natural Skin Glow

If lasting radiance and unlimited skin type compatibility aren’t enough of a reason to convince you to go all-natural with your skincare, the fact that you’ll be doing Planet Earth a favor by cutting air, soil, and water pollution should help set your mind on the organic personal care track.

Dressed in Organic, Head-to-Toe

Dressed in Organic, Head-to-Toe

Eco-fashion is growing popular around the globe, and for a good reason. Clothes made from all-natural materials have a lower ecological footprint and are considered a healthier and safer alternative to standard clothing the production of which usually involves high environmental pollution and unfair labor practices.

In addition to environmental gains, sustainable fashion is also budget-friendly as it relies on cost-efficient yet extremely durable materials such as hemp fiber, bamboo, and organic cotton. And if you think that the design of clothes that are good for the planet isn’t exactly a winner in terms of aesthetics, you’re terribly mistaken: the number of fashion brands jumping on the organic boat is steadily growing, and the range of styles, colors, and materials is extensive enough to live up to the highest eco-fashionista standards.

Adopting A Natural and Organic Lifestyle- Last

By swapping chemical-laced cosmetics, food, and clothing for their organic counterparts, you’ll be hacking lasting health, vigor, and beauty for yourself and your loved ones while at the same time helping preserve the environment and make the planet a better place for generations to come. After all, by switching to an natural and organic lifestyle, you’ll be losing nothing save for a few health risks and premature wrinkles, but both you and Mother Nature will be getting so much good in return. Happy holidays – may this year be the year of positive changes in your life!

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