Got a Headache, Maybe Its Your Pillow

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Following a long and tiring day, the main thing you would wish for by day end is a decent night sleep. However, this may not be possible if you experience neck pain or suffer from migraines. You end up spending more time on hurling and turning than you do resting. Fortuitously, a comforting pillow can help unravel some of your pain issues.

Here we will consider how a bad pillow aggravates headache and what material should you be taking into account while buying a pillow.

Neck Pain, Stiffness or Headaches?

Are you having anxious sleep or waking up with neck pain, headaches or stiffness? The first thing you might want to pay attention to is the material and size of your pillow. In most cases, your pillow is causing headaches when nothing else is bothering you before falling asleep.

The relation between a peaceful sleep is directly proportional with your sleeping position and pillow. There should be a natural alignment between your head and spine. Only a good pillow will let you keep this perfect alignment, offer good support & customizability.

How Is My Pillow Making My Headaches Worse?

It may be difficult to accuse the majority of your headache issues for a terrible pillow; however, it could be a part of the issue. While we cannot fully comprehend what causes headaches, there are a couple of things that can trigger one.

Research shows that when the nerves in your neck and those at the base of your head are harmed or irritated, this causes pain in the head, face, and neck. A migraine headache is triggered when you feel pain in these areas.

Should I Take Into Account The Material The Pillow Is Made Of?

Now the question arises, should you be looking into the material your pillow is made of and what material actually makes a good pillow. Read on to learn about both these questions.

You will be surprised but even neck pillow comes in a variety of options and each option carries some great advantages.

Something Different: Buckwheat Hulls

A buckwheat hulls-filled pillow may sound odd to you; however, it is really a good choice if you’re suffering from neck pains or headaches. Such pillows are loaded with dried out buckwheat hulls making them light and moveable.

Some of these pillows have an additional layer of poly-mix fiber to conceal the hulls. So, it is not like you are specifically lying on the hulls. Others are just in a cotton case.

You might take some time getting used to buckwheat hulls, but eventually they provide great support since you can change the pillow per your own needs and shape. Also, it does not go flat unlike other foam or poly-mix pillow does after some time.

Something Customizable: Water Pillow

These pillows are somewhat like a waterbed for your head. A water pillow includes an inward layer that can be loaded with water and after that, contains polyester filling around the water base.

These pillows make a nice option as you can specify the quantity of water you need for your support and can add or reduce water. As you move your head, the water base will adjust accordingly. This is going to be a nice support if you move around a lot while sleeping.

Something Popular: Memory Foam

One of the most popular choices for pillows is memory foam. It has the special capability to shape to the specific contours of your body making it a decent choice for people with headaches and neck pain. It additionally carries off pressure points that usual pillows may cause, which is regarded to decrease triggers for headaches.

The market today offers great many choices for memory foam pillows. They come in different designs and shapes to conform to your specific needs. These pillows may be somewhat costlier; however you are paying for an item that will keep going quite a while.


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