Happy New Year – New Hobby Art Journaling

                    Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! As you might know I have been mia for over 2 months, some with dealing with a torn rotater cuff, doctors, and physical therapy, all to avoid surgery, no way will I or can I be incapacitated for 7 months, I have to many things to do, taking care of my husband and 2 furry friends, but I have had to take time away from the computer as it has bothered my arm and shoulder to use the mouse and key board.

But they can’t keep me down to long and Im on the mend, I might add without surgery, if I am careful. So with that said, while I have been away I have been busy learning all about the world of art journaling, smash books, recycling craft materials and using things I would normally throw away or put out for recycling, that part I like and something I intend to be more conscious of in 2014.

It caught my attention when I saw how creative it can be and a great way to release stress while doing something I enjoy. I have always been creative with crafts, decorating, sewing and making jewelry, but this looks intriguing to me. I have never like scrapbooking but “art journaling, well now thats a whole nother twist. There is a lot to learn but I am having so much fun watching videos on the how to’s and have found some great mentors, however, I did have to lay in a few supplies and found some great deals on eBay, yippy, I won some great bids and made out like a bandit.

So, now, I have found all kinds of things I can do with paint and stamps, recycling cereal boxes, cardboard, paper and packages, not to mention sketching, stamping and the list goes on, can you tell I’m a bit excited? Do any of my readers do any of these things, if so I have not seen these kinds of things shared, speak up, let me know so I can learn what you do.

For Christmas I made “Christmas Art Journals” for each of my kids, my granddaughter and grandson, wow that was and undertaking but I enjoyed pouring my heart into each one. I will share some of them even with Christmas past in upcoming posts, if I can figure out how to get the videos off my phone. They were my Christmas cards, instead of store bought with gift cards.

Ok so I could go on and on, but I do want to share one of the journal pages I created with gelatos, water colors, a stamp and so much fun.

So here you go my first shared journal page, what do you think?

Think Spring For ChallengeIm glad to be back and will be back in full swing with Wordless Wednesday next week, I have missed all the visits with my followers and friends.

Happy New Year!!


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