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This is an update from 2/2014, after I found the photos when I was making these fun Domino books, they were very labor intensive but really a lot of fun.  I made these back in 2014 when I was part of a crafting community were we had challenges to create fun items to exchange, like these books, tags, altered egg cartons, Prima Doll Tags and Fabric Flowers.

The crafting community was for people who think that crafting and creating comes in all art forms.  It was a place you could go for inspiration, a place to meet other craft-minded friends and above all a place to have fun and I enjoyed the fun swaps they had each month. The community no long exists, it was a Ning Network called Art & Sassy, but there were 100 or so crafters to share all kinds of craft challenges to participate in.

Now going through some of my crafting posts I decided it was time to update this one. I’m sure glad I had these pictures saved on an external drive, because I sent them all away, now it is going to be fun to share.

The domino books are actually made like a chinese puzzle with ribbon connecting each domino together and used to close the book.

I had no instructions and had never heard of making a “book from dominos” but learned quickly by watching videos on YouTube. The challenge for the swap was to make 3 books, and then I sent to the host, she sent me 3 domino books back. It was fun to see other artists creativity. Here is a video I that one of my books was featured; 

You can skip to about 4:57 to view my turquoise book. 

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the stages in assembly.  But in the assembly the paper that covers the back and front was cut the same size as a domino, then ribbon was glued on between the paper and dominos made up each end, which created the back (front and back covers).  After that, each picture was embellished to add some dimension. I used glitter nail polish to add shine,or clear polish and added glitter, bits of feather, tiny cutouts like butterflies, etc and everything was coated using Grangers Glossy Accents Glue, I love this stuff! 

Domino Books Art and Sassy Ning
In my video I shared each book in the order I created them. I was able to try lots of techniques and it was a total experimentation. Like I said, my favorite adhesive is Glossy Accents by Ranger, it is transparent and by far my favorite, not only for adhering paper, rhinestones, and accents but also because I used it to create dimension on the front pages of the books, almost like thick epoxy. I had fun making these darling tiny books, and because I love anything miniature this was a fun project.


Handmade Domino Books-Pinterest

Other products I used were:
Dylusions Ink Spray
Lindy’s Embossing Powders in Aurora Amethyst  and Desert Moon Turquoise
Craft Punch Petite Butterfly from Michaels

So, tell me, which one you like which is your favorite?

There were other challenges and I will be updating them as well. PS This was my first video so pardon my bloopers. You can follow my YouTube Here

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