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Chic Guidelines to Having an Engagement Party for Your Wedding

Weddings can be stressful. The proposal, the planning, the ceremony – they all have to be timed correctly to capture these perfect moments in your family legacies. Before you dive into the stress-laden aspects that come with your wedding, first take advantage of this momentous occasion to celebrate with an engagement party.

Engagement parties are an intimate soiree where you announce the love of your life to those who matter. It’s a chic way to privately celebrate your announcement while sliding in the opportunity to introduce your beloved to key people in your life, and provide them a moment to do the same for you. Make no mistake, you’ll see and meet a lot of people over your wedding planning period, and the last thing you want is to slight someone by not remembering who they are, or how important it is for them to be invited to the wedding.  Guidelines for Having an Engagement Party

Who Hosts an Engagement Party?

Tradition dictates that the bride’s parents announce and host the engagement party, however, this needn’t be the case. Sometimes both sets of parents co-host the event.

Keep in mind, whoever hosts the party foots the bill. If budgets are limited, and you desire to control the party planning, don’t wait for your parents to take charge – jump in and do it yourself. In fact, most couples take control of this event, generally to manage the planning process and handle the bill before it gets out of hand. If you’re lucky enough to have great friends, you might have the honor of letting them handle this party for you. After all, you always have the rest of the wedding to plan for.

Where Should You Host Your Engagement Party?

Engagement parties can be simple gatherings privately held at home or an event hall. If that’s too easy for you, feel free to adopt a theme for your party to liven up the experience. Tiki parties are popular, with luaus, flowers, and a tropical beach vibe. Pool parties are also popular. Rent a gorgeous home with a lagoon, or use your own private pool as the backdrop to celebrate with your guests. All-white parties are exciting to have; white represents innocence and purity, characteristics that reflect the quality of love you have for each other.

When Should You Have an Engagement Party?

Your engagement party should occur no more than a couple of months after your proposal. You want to give yourself enough time to enjoy it, so don’t plan it too close to the beginning of the serious wedding planning, which can drain your time, attention, and energy in the midst of your daily life. Experts recommend 6-9 months before the wedding as the perfect time to hold this event.

Where to Have an Engagement Party?

Your engagement party can be held anywhere you like, but in review it’s generally easier to hold it wherever the majority of the people you plan to invite are located. If you live in Dallas, and your family’s in Denver, then planning in Denver makes it easier. Of course, there’s no need to have just one party. More and more couples plan to hold at least two celebrations, some even holding the second one in another country, where the bulk of their family resides. This generally happens to honor the families, which may be spread across the country and around the world.

No matter where you plan to celebrate, make sure you’re celebrating in style. Whether you have your engagement ring picked out or not, it’s never too late to choose your wedding ring. Have you read a Brilliant Earth review? The company is praised for its brilliant, conflict-free diamonds, which come in an array of shapes and sizes.

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