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I love it when I can share Barbara Ireland Tutorials and she is graciously letting me share with you, so here goes “How To Make Shower Favors & Treat Bags”
 Can you guess what these favors are made from?

The Candy “fire cracker” is something we toss out all the time after use and are toilet paper rolls!

You could also use paper towel rolls and cut them to size, but keep in mind you’ll have more space to fill.

The bags are glassine bags and very affordable, AND the napkin rings? You guessed it toilet paper rolls!

With a little mod podge, your choice of tissue paper, ribbon, clear wrap or tulle you could whip a neat table setting! Cool!  Just about everyone these days are into recycling so what a cute way to reuse everyday household items!

What you need:
*Mod podge
*Tissue paper
*TP rolls
*Glassine bags
*Flower embellishments
*Clear cellophane wrap or tulle
*Small cellophane bags if using loose candy.

Just a few helpful hints:
Cut tissue,cello wrap or tulle ahead of time
You’ll need 6×6 for TP rolls and at least 8×8 for glassine bags
See my video below for more detailed instructions.

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