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Three Great Ways To Feel Younger

It might have happened the day you looked into the mirror and saw your mom’s face looking back at you, or maybe it was when you found yourself running out of steam during a fun shopping trip with your BFF. All of the sudden, you realized that you are looking and/or feeling much older than you would like — and you understandably are not too crazy about this situation.

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Fortunately, if you would like to turn back the clock — at least in the way you look and/or feel — you are in luck. There are a number of relatively easy and cost-effective tips and tricks that will help you to effectively become younger than your driver’s license suggests. For example, consider the following:

Nourish Your Hair and Skin

Nothing will age a woman of any age more than dull hair and dry skin. If it’s been awhile since you have mixed up your hair and skin care routine, consider using some of the high quality products by Amway. For example, as a post on Amway’s Instagram page points out, as the seasons change, our hair will change right along with them, often becoming dry and frizzy. To help your hair get its beautiful shine and bounce back, give Satinique Smooth Moisture formula a try. Thanks to ingredients like Kukui seed oil and pro-vitamin B5 your hair will be rejuvenated, which in turn will help you to look younger. The same is true for your skin — rather than use strong soaps and facial cleansers which can irritate sensitive skin, switch to G&H body care products from Amway; they are made with naturally-inspired ingredients and are designed to gently clean and moisturize your skin, which will help you to be even more gorgeous on the outside.

Eat Less Sugar and More Plants

A great and tasty way to look and feel younger is to improve your diet. Start by boosting the amount of plant-based food; in addition to providing you with more fiber and antioxidants, fruits and veggies are chock full of other healthful nutrients that can make you feel more energetic and help lose weight. Strive to “eat the rainbow” every day, from adding sliced strawberries and bananas to your yogurt in the morning and snacking on orange slices to devouring a green salad filled with avocado, beet slices and broccoli for lunch. While you are adding plant-based foods, subtract as much sugar as you can, especially soda pop and other beverages that are devoid of nutrition. Excess sugar has been linked to a number of age-related health conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, and super sweet beverages have been shown to cause cells to age much faster than they should.

Smile More

Looking younger may be as simple as saying “cheese” throughout the day. A fascinating study asked people to guess the age of models in photographs. Those with “neutral” expressions were typically guessed to be their correct age, those who looked scared were thought of as older and those who were smiling were, you guessed it, rated as younger. While you might not want to walk around the grocery store grinning away at the boxes of Cheerios on the shelf, giving the cashier a big grin will make you look younger, and it might also cheer both of you up and make you feel more youthful.



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