Using Google +1 With Your Posts


There is a way to get more from using Google +1 with your blogging and I want to tell you about it. And here’s the thing, if you want to get someones attention then use this blogger hint. Try using the “+” sign in front of the persons name or the “@” signs,  depending on how they have notifications set up, they could get notified that you used their name in your post. And here is a tidbit, they will see the complete post even if the original post was shared with them.

This can be particular useful when you have an event you want to let your friends know about, or if you were sharing a post you have written about someone and you want to give them credit and notify them.

You can only mention friends that are already on Google +, but you can mention them with the “@” sign or their email. (I dont like to use their email as I dont like to share that info.)

Snipped Information

Snipped Information

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