Don’t Like To Peel Garlic – Now It Is Easy!

How To Remove The Skins On Garlic Cloves

What don’t you like about peeling garlic, I had a few minutes and wanted to share a kitchen tip. I had seen something similar a while back on how to peel garlic but not quit like this. I am a patient person and have always just used a knife to peel garlic or smashed hit then peeled, to date the only ways I have tried, and I love using garlic in so many foods, I was excited to find a new and easy way to peel those cute little cloves of garlic.

Your not going to believe how easy it can be, I couldn’t, until now!
First break the garlic cloves open, as many as you need then choose one of 2 ways

You have two choices:
1. The first way and the way I saw it done, was by using 2 metal bowls, put the garlic cloves in, put the edges of the bowls together and shake shake shake, wala the skins will be removed. As in this video


2. But the way I am liking to do this little chore is to use a large jar, put the broken cloves of garlic in the jar and give it some good hard shakes, about 15-20 seconds, check a few times, you will see that the skins are loosening up. Continue until they are totally removed. The remainder of skin peels off easily!! There you have it!!

Have you ever heard of these or have another way to peel garlic cloves? I hadn’t until I stumbled on a video.

Hint: If you have garlic smell on your hands you can remove it by rubbing wet hands on your faucet, takes the odor right away.

Now to finish this off it would be good for me to share a recipe using garlic right, how about my Jambalaya, because I like to use lots of garlic, you can find the recipe below:

Jambalay in Pan433x373

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