Garden Series: Effective Ways To Rid Pests in Your Garden

Garden pests can be a huge threat to our leafy vegetables. If we do not take the required measures, their invasion can succumb to big losses to our farms. For instance, most garden pests eat vegetables hence reducing their leafy quality and eventually killing the whole crop. Leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages amongst others require much care in order to grow healthy. If invaded by pests for a long time, they tend to perform poorly thus leading to poor harvest. There are different pests from different categories that commonly attack leafy vegetables. The most common ones include files, bugs, mites, and the worm categories. In case these pets are attacking your farm and you do not know what to do, here is a quick guide on how to prevent and control their invasion. Garden Pests-Horn Worm

Leaf Miners

Leaf miners usually leave white trails on crops. These pests sacks and eats plants hence, completely, destroying their leaves. Leaf miners come in different times of the year and are normally grey in color. Its maggot is a greenish yellow caterpillar with hooks on the front side. It is most common in plants such as spinach and chard. Leaf miner is one of the few springtime pests in Austin that have been stubborn to farmers. Austin farmers have, however, come up with various methods of controlling it.

There are numerous ways of control leaf miners. For instance, various insecticides can be suitable as recommended by specialist. Additionally, biological sprays can be better, especially, to kill the larva. In addition, a farmer can eliminate weeds as a mechanical way of reducing these pests.


Aphids come in different species that are not easy to identify. Most of the time, the ones that are usually seen are the peach and potato aphids. Aphids are very small in size and can be very dangerous to plants. The common ones have variety colors such as green, red, and pink. Just like leaf miners, they feed on sap from leaf and stems. Their style of feeding vastly affects plants by making them curved and stunted.

To control aphids, you can use variety options including a broad-spectrum pesticide. The pesticide is effective if sprayed on both sides of the leaf. The best procedure is to use organic insect killer. This is because aphids have, with time, become tougher. Organic insect killer is best for killing and repelling all pests and their eggs. In addition, it is ready to use and safe for human and other domestic animals. A biological method such as beneficial parasite can also apply in aphid elimination. This is where other insects such as ladybugs that feed on soft-bodied bugs (aphids) are introduced thus reducing their population.

Earworms and Horn Worms

The pinkish-brown caterpillars have microspines all over their bodies. They feed on leaves leaving patches hence destroying the crop. Hornworms, which are usually green in color and with horntail is worse to plants. They can cause the stem of plant to bore eventually killing the plant.

Pesticides can effectively control earworms and hornworms. These pesticides are best applied recurrently as the pets can be troublesome. For instance, these pests can go deep in the crown and in the end, destroys the plant. Other methods of eliminating these two pests include destroying crop residue, using beneficial microorganism, and parasitoids. When buying these chemicals, ensure that you consider various factors. Since various pests can develop protective behaviors, it is important that you purchase timeless chemicals. The chemical should be effective enough to kill and eliminate all types of worms and their eggs.

There are many other types of leafy vegetable pests that can be dangerous. We have just highlighted few common ones. It is, however, important that you consider buying the right chemical that can control all the pest species. Some of these pests can be unmanageable and for that case, consider seeing an entomologist for more pest controlling tactics.

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