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4 Ways to Improve Circulation During Pregnancy

A healthy circulatory system is crucial for achieving optimal health – this not only keeps you strong and active, but also prevents against problems such as the development of blood clots, tingly legs or deep vein thrombosis. These conditions are deeply uncomfortable and in certain cases can be life-threatening. Hence, the importance that both men and women remain conscious about their circulatory health.Focusing On Your Heath During Pregnancy

Pregnant women however, must be overly conscious about their circulatory system, especially since their bodies are working in overdrive to nourish two lives, as this can seriously affect your overall circulatory health. Poor circulation can cause many other conditions such as discomfort, blood clots, and swelling.


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Pregnancy can cause your body to undergo some serious changes and many women fail to realise the impact it can have on their health. As potential hair loss, increased swelling and constant pain are the most noticeable symptoms of pregnancy, other important issues like maintaining a healthy circulatory system often go ignored. There are many ways to prevent the myriad of complications which come with pregnancy and poor circulation.

Here are 4 ways to improve circulation during pregnancy to ensure that you and your little one remain safe and healthy.

1 – Exercise daily and remain active

According to the recent Physical Inactivity and Sedentary Behaviour Report from the British Heart Foundation, over 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive, putting them at a greater risk of heart and circulatory diseases. This number represents a large percentage of the total British population, including men and women who fail to remain active.

For women, having a healthy uterus is entirely dependent on remaining active and exercising daily. Sitting on a sofa or at your desk all day long can lead to decreased blood flow to the uterus and other reproductive organs. However, it is very easy to ensure that your circulatory system remains healthy by exercising. You don’t even have to spend hours at the gym – spending 30-40 minutes engaged in yoga, swimming, dancing or taking a brisk walk can ensure optimal circulatory health.

Yoga While Pregnant

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If you are pregnant, then it is important to only engage in a few mild exercises which can help increase blood flow without taking a toll on your body. Light yoga stretches, walking briskly or doing small pelvic exercises can be beneficial to you as well as your child.

2 – Relax and be comfortable

While it is important to remain active throughout the day and exercise daily, it is also equally crucial for you to relax and be comfortable, especially during pregnancy. This includes getting massages once or twice a week, sitting back and putting your feet up and spending some time doing relaxing activities which can relieve your stress. Being relaxed and letting go of stress can have a wonderful effect on your body. Additionally, putting your feet up or keeping your legs uncrossed and relaxed can help boost the circulation of blood in your limbs. This not only relieves the discomfort associated with pregnancy, but also helps reduce the inevitable swelling in your feet, ankles and legs.

3 – Wear maternity tights and comfortable clothes

Even if you can fit into your favourite denims during your first trimester, it is important to wear comfortable and loose clothing so you don’t inadvertently cut off your blood circulation. However, wearing loose, shapeless or baggy clothing everyday can take a toll on your self-image and confidence. This can make you feel bad about yourself which in turn increases stress and depression.

The best option is to go for trendy maternity tights. To ensure quality, I would recommend looking for maternity tights by top brands by browsing online collections. Quality maternity tights are specially designed to provide support to your baby bump and have a slimming effect on your legs. With graduated compression features, maternity tights are a shape wear which can help improve circulation and relieve pain and swelling. What’s more, these are extremely versatile and trendy. You can choose between classic black, nude or sheer options and match with different outfits including dresses and skirts for a feminine and sexy look.

Maternity tights also offer additional features such as cooling and circulation boosting which can help tackle the constant pain in your lower back and legs.

4 –Stay nourished and eat healthy

This is one of the most important suggestions for not only improving your circulatory health, but also ensuring that you remain nourished and healthy overall. What you eat becomes even more important when you are pregnant and this is the time when you should be eating a wide selection of healthy food to get the right number of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Foods which are rich in iron also keep your red blood count up. Include ginger and other such foods which help reduce nausea and increase blood flow.

While there are numerous ways of improving your circulatory health, following these 4 tips and suggestions can mean a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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