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How Moms Can Feel Better in a Bikini this Summer 

The summer season can be a dreaded time for moms of all ages. The sunny days mean wearing a lot more leg-bearing outfits, sandals, and yes, even the dreaded swimsuit. That means shaving your legs, getting a pedicure, and … what do you do about that body you’d rather cover up with a blanket than show off to the world with only a few strips of fabric to cover it?

First, be kind to yourself. You are a beautiful, powerful woman who has done one of the most important things in this world: Create life. You are beloved by your children, and if anyone asked them, they would probably say that you are gorgeous. Try to see yourself the way they see you.

Then try these tips for making yourself feel more confident in your best bikini this summer:

Treat Stretch Marks

As a mom, you’ve likely got a few stretch marks. These are some common battle scars, whether you’ve been pregnant once or five times. They often appear on the stomach, but they can appear on your arms and legs also. These purplish, bluish streaks can make you feel self-conscious about your body, no matter how great it might look otherwise. 

You can easily fade these marks. The Dermaclara stretch mark treatment uses medical-grade silicone to fade stretch marks quickly. You can’t eliminate stretch marks completely, but you can fade them so that they are not noticeable. You can also use the treatment for scars, keloids, and other skin marks. With Dermaclara, stretch marks and other blemishes will fade quickly and stop making you feel self-conscious.

Firm Up

You aren’t going to completely change your body by summer, but you can firm it up a bit so you feel more confident in your bikini. If you aren’t already strength training as part of your regular exercise routine, you should add it now. Strength training will tone your body and reshape it more quickly than any other kind of exercise. It will also improve your overall health by increasing your resting metabolic rate.


You can use firming creams or undergo contouring procedures to firm up stubborn parts of your body that have more cellulite than you might like. You don’t need to eliminate the fat altogether, but making the skin appear more taut will make you feel better.


No, don’t sit out in the sun and bake your skin. We all know by now that’s not healthy! And don’t go to a tanning bed either. Just get a spray tan or use an at-home product to give your skin a nice bronze.

A beautiful tan will make your skin look smoother and firmer, even if it isn’t either of those things. So even if you have no luck firming up those pesky fat deposits before swimsuit seasons begins, you can hide a lot with the right tan. Think of it like concealing makeup for the skin that’s not on your face.

beautifulmakeupsearch.com Tanning Products Review

Image: beautifulmakeupsearch.com Tanning Products Review

Get the Right Bikini

So much of the way you look in a bikini depends more on the bikini than your body. You can look good in a bikini no matter what size you are and no matter whether you have a large midsection, a huge bust, or large thighs. Manufacturers make styles to fit all body types, and when you get a suit that flatters your body the right way, you will look better and feel better.

Swimsuit Images from Target

Swimsuit Images from Target

Don’t limit yourself to Target or your local mall. Major retailers are only going to sell swimsuits that appeal to the largest demographic. Extend your search online to find a larger variety of bikini types. Also remember that you don’t have to buy a matching set! Feel free to buy a top separately from a bottom so that you get the right fit and the right style for each piece.

You don’t have to dread the summer season. You should enjoy being out in your bikini and playing in the sun and water with your family. Follow these tips and you’ll feel great in your bikini this summer! (Yes, we promise.) If there’s still more work you want to do on your body, you can consider this a great start. Who says you need to wait until the New Year to make changes?

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