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What To Wear On Your First Day on the Job

It’s the first day jitters. I don’t know about you, but one thing that always helps is, knowing that you look fantastic. That said, walking into a new job with no idea of the work culture can be a landmine in terms of what to wear.

Never fear! Here are five outfits that will get you through that first day without making you feel like the new kid at school eating lunch by yourself. Add a great home pedicure to it, and feel like a million bucks!  Business Attire

1. Classic
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Wear a plain white shirt and black trousers. Make sure everything is completely clean, fits and is ironed.

Pair this with a nice pair of earrings for women that aren’t too big or statement, and wear comfortable close-toed shoes and you have a complete outfit that no one can bother about.

This is very generic admittedly, but you will have lots of time to show your personality later. If you’re worried about a first impression, this can ensure that you don’t make a bad first impression even if the reaction is a little meh.

2. Boss

If you’ve gotten a promotion or you’re on the managerial track now, it might be time to level up your clothing. Invest in a few good ties, and learn how to tie them. Well-fitted blazers might also be a good idea.

For your first day on the job as the boss, look it. Once again, you can drop back to casual later, but the first day needs to establish you as the boss vs. a friend.

3. Simple But Smart

Invest in some fun, smart coats instead of a boring work coat. It’s an instant way to make your outfit shine on your first day, and if it doesn’t go with the atmosphere of the office, it’s easy enough to fold it away!

4. Actual Casual

If you’re one of the lucky people who get to go to work in an actual ‘casuals’ environment, you might consider not being quite so casual. While it’s great to be able to wear shorts and statement shirts to work, that thing about people judging you is still going to be true. You do you, but investing in shirts with colorful prints and fun trousers might be a better idea than going for the ‘Netflix’ brand of casual.

Look up some celebrity wigs for fun hairstyles that aren’t high upkeep.

5. Smart But Fun

If you want to look good but business, invest in a dressy top. Nothing outrageous, but with the frills to make you stand out. Pair this with a smart pair of trousers or a simple skirt and simple earrings and power walk your way in with an office outfit

As the experts say, clothing in no way determines who you are, but that won’t stop people judging you on it anyway. Sticking out on the first day may not only make you feel awkward, but it may also lead to bad first impressions.

Add to that, no one ever knows what ‘smart casuals’ really means, and it all seems hopeless. 

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