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Essential Tools for New Homeowners Essential-Tools-For-Home-Repairs

As you prepare to pack boxes and move from your youthful apartment to your grown-up house, there are a few things you may need to acquire to help you during the transition. As a renting tenant, you were likely able to call your landlord or super any time of the day to come and help you with a leaky roof, faucet, noisy radiator, or creaky floor. But as a homeowner, there is no one to call for help in the middle of the night when your hot water tank bursts or your steps collapse. You are responsible for these things now! They are yours to own and care for. But you need the right tool to get the job done. Here are some essential tools every new homeowner needs to get and use.

A Solid Screwdriver Set

New homeowners can pick up a decently priced screwdriver set almost anywhere. They sell them at big box stores, and even grocery stores keep some popular types of screwdrivers on hand for last-minute home repair needs. Investing in your first screwdriver set is not a decision to take lightly. Do you want to pull out a grocery store screwdriver while you are replacing a ceiling fan, or do you want to have the exact right tool for the job with high quality and sturdy screwdriver set? Most sets come with 20-30 different screwdrivers. And yes, you’ll need all of them eventually.  Tools,, Home – Free images on Pixabay

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A Power Drill

Whether it’s cordless or not, a power drill is a must for any new homeowner. You’ll need this tool to drill holes for hanging pictures, repairing steps, hanging drywall, and much more. When it comes to power tools, you get what you pay for: cheap is not the name of the game when it comes to power tools. Do your research and spend money on a quality set, such as Hitachi power tools. Inexpensive power tools have poor battery quality and can require more time to charge than is necessary. A good quality brand name power tool like Hitachi is the best drill and is your best bet. 

A Saw or Cutting Blade

The experts from the related websites Tools Diary urge, when choosing a good saw or cutting blade system, choose something that is portable and affordable.
You can pay more for good quality blades and that will make your economic choice of a power saw more reasonable. You also need to ensure you purchase the right blades for the kind of home improvement job you are doing: tile saw blades are different than wood saw blades. Make sure you have room for the new saw you are going to purchase. There’s no point in purchasing a big table saw system if you only have a small corner in which to store the saw. Buy one that is versatile, but portable. You’ll need a table saw to cut flooring, crown molding, framing, and more. It’s worth the investment, like a good screwdriver set and a good power drill. With the right tools, no job is too big for a new homeowner.   

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