Essential Tips for Designing a Modern Kitchen

Designing a Modern Kitchen

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As the epicenter of many homes, kitchen often holds much more value as a room than merely a space for making meals and preparing that early morning coffee. And as such, designers everywhere are doing their best to create solutions that will be not only purposeful, but warm and crafted to your own needs and preferences.

Living in a very hectic, fast-paced age is making it very difficult to enjoy a family lunch every now and then. But in order to preserve this sense of unity and belonging, while bringing the latest concepts of style and functionality, you can design a kitchen that combines the best of both worlds.

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Monochrome is back

Although it never really was out of style, the past years were dominated by a wide range of soft palettes that transferred from the living room into the kitchen. Now, on the other hand, we once again see a rise of the single-tone look, based primarily on pure, show white, deep coal black or various shades of gray.

In fact, the latter shows great potential in cooking areas, and it’s being used in combination with a single accent hue such as bronze. But don’t let the lack of rainbow colors fool you – the design is intended to bring out your layout, a clean, Zen feel, and allow your groceries and vibrant meals to pop! Tip from – contrast with bold colors!

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Smart up your kitchen

The best way to go modern is to use the latest perks technology has to offer. With so many inventions and advancements in the realm of smart technology, you have a whole range of connected appliances to choose from when designing your kitchen. Think: an oven linked to your smartphone, and a kettle that will make you a fresh cup of coffee while you’re still I bed.

However, when you decide how you wish to incorporate the latest utilities such as high-quality Bosch appliances or color-changing lights in your kitchen, it’s best to leave the installation to the professionals. That way, you will ensure that your new kitchen is not only stylish, but safe for use. They have been invented with the environment in mind as well, so you can avoid wasting electricity or water. And if your inexperienced or need a little help, there are kitchen contractors that you can meet with to learn from them how to make the right choices in designing your dream kitchen.

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 Simplicity is the best way to turn your kitchen into a modern sanctuary, but when you include a touch of nature in your design, you bring your space to life in a completely new manner! For instance, the monochrome domination can be further softened with the help of plants, or even an indoor garden of your home-grown spices and vegetables.

You can go a step further and use wooden elements such as storage units, and cabinets in warm hues of wood. Even if your island is the only element made of wood, you can still use it as a center piece of your kitchen space and decorate it with a plant. Natural light is another trend on the rise, either by adding an extra window, or using lamps and chandeliers for a streak of warmth.

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Clever storage solutions

Meant to take up as little space as possible, “modern kitchen” utilize space in a very frugal, clever manner. By adding a single floor-to-ceiling cabinet with numerous drawers, shelves, and pockets, you can save plenty of counter-top space for cooking and food preparation and keep all your spices, snacks, cook-books and other ingredients safely tucked away.

Such storage compartments would serve as built-in larders, combined with handle-free doors and sliding drawers for maximum usage of minimal space. The same effort is going to the perfect balance of under-the-sink cabinets and those above the counter space, which allows even the smallest of kitchens the largest possible working area!

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The greatest incentive for this tendency lies in our lifestyles. Since we’re almost constantly in a rush, our rooms tend to give out a feeling of hurriedness, especially if we fail to keep them in top shape. So instead of a kitchen counter stuffed with appliances, dirty dishes and with no sense of order, modern designers aim for a more serene look and feel.

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The best way to do so is to create a layout that helps you store all your unused utilities away, keep your garbage out of sight, and both dirty and clean dishes neatly stored in their designated place. This may seem like an impossible task for smaller rooms, but combine the clever storage trend with smart technology, and you’ll have a kitchen that exudes comfort and style in no time!
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