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Boho Jewelry in the past, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Boho JewelryBoho trend has been really popular in recent years and it continues to be one of the top styles this season as well. It is very easy to achieve, since one effective piece is enough to turn the whole outfit boho. While the usual clothing bits and pieces might be too extravagant or bold for mature ladies, there are still enough designs to meet everyone’s needs. What’s more, the most important part of effective boho look is accessorizing – and when it comes to jewelry, you simply can’t go wrong.

Dainty Jewelry
Wearing statement jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean having to wear some big, flashy pieces. On the contrary, some of the best boho jewelry is small, yet interesting, and it subtly but effectively draws attention to your style. All types of metal and colors are allowed. This kind of jewelry usually has an intricate fairy tale-like design. Also, the pieces can have slight pops of color with several delicate stones.

Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry
This kind of jewelry is also really popular and a great addition to any boho look. A lot of people enjoy the meaning behind different crystals, too. The best thing about crystal and gemstone jewelry is that these pieces can be well incorporated in any type of outfit, be it for an elegant or casual occasion. At the same time, the choice of crystals represents the gentle, romantic nature of the person wearing them, similarly to boho fashion style.
Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry

Leather Jewelry
When leather jewelry, couples bracelets and boho style are mentioned together, most people think about youthful wide statement pieces. What they don’t realize is that there are more delicate leather accessories that can make a great statement as well. For example, leather chokers and tie up necklaces are really trendy at the moment; they leave memorable impact and complete the outfit perfectly without being too overbearing and inappropriate.

Wooden Jewelry
Wooden pearls and other kind of decorative accessories made of this natural material are also a big part of boho style. While younger generations freely rock big colorful chunky wooden jewelry, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to those who value a bit more minimalistic style. Small wooden pearls can look really effective with an elegant stylish outfit and still have the bohemian vibe to them.
Wooden Jewelry

Unique Jewelry

Boho style is characterized by unique and creative looks. This is a trend that is molded according to one’s personality and individuality. While mass-produced jewelry can look really effective and special, one can also go for handmade goods and take uniqueness to another level.

There are many people who handcraft the boho jewelry, and the best thing about this (besides them being one-of-a-kind) is the fact that one can always find something that suits their tastes, as well as custom order their ideal pieces.

DIY Jewelry

Creativity is a big part of boho trend and if you have crafty hands and enough time to pick up a hobby, you can enjoy various benefits of making your own jewelry. There are many tutorials online and you can easily incorporate the boho trend in a manner that you find most flattering and special.

This is a great solution for those with a really specific taste who simply cannot find their perfect kind of accessory anywhere else. The satisfaction from making your own jewelry is special enough itself.

DIY Jewelry

Boho is all about being free and showing your true self to the world. There’s no rule that says what kind of jewelry you have to wear in order to be boho. The essence of boho style comes from the inside and is only complete with clothing garments and accessories. Therefore, don’t try to wear something that doesn’t suit you or you don’t even like just for the sake of being an obvious boho.

You’ll show your individuality and unique spirit much better by following your own ideals and preferences.

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Elevate Your Style With Statement Boho Jewelry

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