Do’s and Don’ts of the Major Exercise Regimes to Keep you in Best Shape

Do’s and Don’ts of the Major Exercise Regimes to Keep you in Best Shape Fitness Exercise Accessories

The best bodyweight exercises are maneuvers which work on the body’s own weight resistance mechanism to build muscles. Workouts such as lunges and pushups are an example for this, where there is no need for any equipment for these. There are many HICT (high-intensity circuit training) workouts in this category, which are quick and intense in terms of results.

If done correctly in light of your bodily needs, you may have to do them about 30 minutes daily to see results by entirely staying away from a gym. For those who are interested in it, here we will discuss some of these easy home exercise regimes as the building block of muscle training.

Many of the readers of this article know how to do these maneuvers are pushups and planks are something, which we remember from our childhood. Here, we will try to explore the major do’s and don’ts while practicing these maneuvers to ensure the best outcome from doing it.

What to do and don’t in exercise regimes

Push-ups Pushups


  • Always place the hands directly under shoulders.
  • Watch the position of feet hip-width to be set a bit apart.
  • The body should be kept in a straight line from hips to the back of the head.
  • Maintain plank position.
  • Neck position should be in line with shoulders.
  • Let the elbows come close to the body when you lower.


  • Let the butt stick up or sag
  • Tilt head or try to tuck it in.
  • Let the shoulders come towards the ears.

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Plank Plank Exercise


  • Place hands right under the shoulders or a bit wider for proper support.
  • Try to keep the body in a straight line from head to feet.
  • Tighten the core.
  • Always tuck the chin.
  • Have a fixed gaze on the floor and look between the hands or beyond it.


  • Let the butts to sag of lift.
  • Lift the head up.
  • Hold the position for long if you suffer from the form.

Glute bridge 


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  • Always lie on your back
  • Place feet flat onto the floor, toes point forward, hip-width apart, and knees bent.
  • Try to contract the abs.
  • Push through heels and lift the hips off the floor.


  • Seize contracting abs.
  • Push hips to make the neutral position of back and hips get compromised.

In any case, it is advisable to choose the exercises which won’t want you to use the same group of muscles back to back. For example, if you first select the maneuvers which strain the upper body as pushups or planks, then the next maybe those challenge the lower body as lunges or squat jumps to keep the balance.

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