Does The Way A Women Dress Have an Impact on Her Career?


Grooming, and good grooming for that matter has an impact on career growth and by extension, the salaries people earn from their work engagements. Failure to adhere to the best grooming practices is one of the major causes of career stagnation and even termination since employees are a reflection of the organizations they work for and top management would not hesitate to cut links with employees they consider poorly groomed. Grooming standards are the same for both male and female workers within an organization. They should both show up to work in clean and neat clothes and adhere to the rules of good grooming so as to make engagements with clients and co-workers pleasurable. However, that is where the good grooming similarities end. When it comes to career progression and by extension, the salaries men and women earn for the services rendered at the workplace, women seem to receive the short end of the stick when grooming habits are taken into consideration. This piece strives to understand why that is the case and what women can do to level the playing field.

  1. The societal perception of women Societal perception of women

The society sees women as caregivers. Tasked with the responsibility of bearing and raising children, women play an important role in shaping the communities they live in. In their roles as primary care givers, women are required to maintain good hygiene and grooming practices for the sake of those under their care. Women who are not properly groomed are, therefore, judged harshly and looked down upon. This extends even to the workplace and women are required to be well-groomed, neat, and approachable. Women who are poorly groomed are seen to deviate from their “motherly duties” and the top management punishes them for this will lower pay, demotions and even terminations. Men are not judged as harshly as women and can get away with bad grooming for simply being male. A woman with dirty and poorly done nails will be judged harshly than a man with same grooming shortfall, and when promotions and career adjustments decisions are being made and the same two people are the most qualified, the woman will be overlooked for the promotion on the basis of not being well-groomed yet they are both guilty of the same grooming shortfall. It’s so sad that we live in such a patriarchal society.

  1. Makeup application 


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Women have to wear makeup when heading to work. The metrosexual man may also do so but most men don’t. Makeup highlights your features and enhances your beauty. You will, however, be judged on how you wear it. Women who wear too much makeup are looked down upon by the top management in most institutions. Too much makeup creates the illusion that the wearer is obsessed with her looks, something that is not welcomed at the workplace. When promotion decisions are being made at the firm, overly made-up women tend to be overlooked and this shows that grooming habits affect women’s salaries more than men.

At the workplace, women should strive to keep their makeup as light as possible. Wearing too much makeup in the workplace brings undue attention to you and distracts your coworkers from going about their operations. You will be doing yourself a big favor when you opt for minerals makeup since they stay intact for a very long time and you will, therefore, require very minimal touch-ups for your stay in the office.

  1. Distractions at the workplaceMakeup-application.

The environment at the workplace should be maintained in a conducive manner so as to make business operations flow smoothly. Poor grooming interferes with the workplace environment by creating unnecessary distractions. Proper dressing is an aspect of good grooming and failure to wear the right attire to work can interfere with the workplace environment. Poor dress codes such as revealing clothes are the biggest threat to a conducive working environment and women are the biggest culprit of this. The top management at any institution takes such issues very seriously and when promotion decisions are being made within the institution, most managers stay clear of people, especially women, who dress inappropriately. This shows that grooming habits affect women’s salaries more than men.

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