DIY: Four Fun Basic Textile Projects To Do In A Weekend

I love to craft, but sometimes I get bored with projects that go on forever. It is actually nice to see the results of what you have made. That is why I have picked out these four great projects that you can do in one weekend. Then you get to see the fruits of your labor pretty quick, as well as enjoying yourself while you are crafting. Read on for more information. 

Crochet A Hat

Crochet is pretty easy once you have got the basic techniques down. Before you start, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the stitches you will need for your project, and the codes that go with them. Most crochet patterns are written in numbers and code, so it helps to know what they are on about!

Once you have worked out the lingo, check out this tutorial for a simple hat, that will take you hardly ant time at all to create.

If you find yourself whizzing through this then why not look at this how to create a little crochet flower that you can use to decorate your hat with.

Make A Cuddly Toy

To make a simple cuddle toy doesn’t take that long. All you really need to do is cut out the pattern, sew it together inside out. Then turn it to its right side and fill with stuffing.

Then you will have to neatly sew up the hole where the stuffing was inserted and add the details like clothes and face features.

To help you out you can get some inspiration from watching video tutorial on Youtube, or check out Pinterest for photos and written guides.

Clutch Bag

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous why not try making your own clutch bag? The pattern is pretty simple if you want to make an envelope style one and you get a copy here. Or why not try converting the bottom of an old jumper into a purse, or bag that will be perfect for the winter time?  

Create A Clutch In A Weekend

You can even create a slouchy purse easily, with as little as two pieces of fabric, a zip and a sewing machine. If you haven’t got a sewing machine you can click here for some advice on the pros and cons of certain models. This will help you get the best machine for your intended use.

Four Fun Basic Textile Projects To Do This Weekend
Makeup roll

Lastly, if you fancy making something very practical then why not have a go at crafting a makeup brush roll? This will keep all of your brushes in one place. It will also keep the makeup on the brushes when you pack them in your bag.

To do this you will need two different types of fabric. Make them as fun as jazzy as you like. You will also need some batting to pad the roll out to protect your brushes, as well as a sewing machine and the usual threads and cotton. You can click here for a excellent tutorial on how to make a makeup roll, from blogger I Heart Nap Time.

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