How to Differentiate Your Blog from the Rest

Finding a Point of View: How to Differentiate Your Blog from the Rest

One of the most important things to do when starting a new blog is finding a niche. A lot of successful bloggers started their websites by talking about a wide range of subjects. They are still very successful today, but it took them longer to reach the level that they are at right now. Starting with a niche, on the other hand, allows you to find a specific group (or groups) or audience early in the game.

I covered many things about figuring out your blog’s niche on this page, but it is worth noting that finding a niche is just the start. The next step to take is finding a point of view that sets your blog apart from the rest of the internet.How to Differentiate Your Blog from the Rest

Why Do I Need to Differentiate?

There are thousands, even millions, of websites offering the audience a vast amount of information. The tips and tricks or the resources you share on your blog, the updates you deliver to the audience, and other blog posts you add regularly may be original and unique, but that doesn’t mean users can’t find similar resources elsewhere. What turns one-time users into loyal readers is your point of view; the way you see and talk about things.

Instead of talking about general tips and tricks, find a unique point of view that you know inside out. When talking about DIY projects that readers can try at home, for example, talking about how you ran into problems with the original project tutorial (along with the solutions you discovered while completing the project) will get readers hooked for more.

How Do I Differentiate?

From the previous example, it is easy to see that the way you differentiate is by adding personal touches. We all have different ways of seeing the world because every little experience we had in the past affects that point of view. Don’t hesitate to add personal touches to your posts and make the effort to relate on a more personal level with the audience.

Let’s say you’re pursuing an online civil engineering degree from Ohio University while assuming the role of a full-time mom as one of the lifelong goals you revisit today. You can share the whole experience and inspire other moms to pursue their own dreams. They may not join the same civil engineering online course you’re taking, but parts of the experience (i.e. how you found the courage to get started, how you manage time, etc.) are more relatable than you think.

How Do I Maintain My Point of View?

That’s the thing; you don’t have to. It is not uncommon for people to change their minds. Be honest with your readers when you decide to make that change. It is part of the journey and it will surely help the readers find more things to relate to when reading your blog.

That personal relationship with the readers is what will set your blog completely apart from the rest. 10 sites may post the same set of tips and tricks about how to fix broken insulation or repair damaged windows, but delivering the tips and tricks from your personal point of view and taking the readers on a journey towards actually completing the discussed project will earn you more loyal readers than you can imagine.

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