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Decorating with Metallic Finishes Gives a Home That Finished Touch

A Touch of Glimmer in Your Home: Decorating with Metallic FinishesImage source: spacioaccessories.com

Matte finishes have been a huge trend for some time now, and if there is one thing that we have learned from that period, that is that too much matte can swallow up the space and send it to everything-is-boring dimension. However, matte can be great, but only when you up the glam with some metallic finishes. Introducing metallic accessories or even a full-blown metallic-finished accent wall can instantly make your home more luxurious. So, if we have your attention now, here is everything you need to know about adding a touch of glimmering metal to your home.

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Cool vs. warm

It makes a difference if you use silver or gold – these metals bring a whole different sensation to the space. Why is that so? Because one of them is cold and the other is warm. These variations in tones make all the difference in the ambiance. Cool tones work better with modern spaces, while warm tones go perfectly with a vintage style. Alongside gold, you have copper, brass, rose gold and bronze in the warm-toned family, while silver has the same tone as nickel, steel and chrome.

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Choose your metal

Although there are many metallic finishes you can introduce into your home, here are some of the most popular ones and their shiniest moments:

  • Gold is the epitome of elegance and luxury. It looks majestic on centerpieces like striking chandeliers or cocktail cabinets. It matches perfectly with both dark tones and all-white rooms. Brass is very similar to it.
  • Rose gold is a subdued variety of the previously mentioned metal, and it introduces a breath of inconspicuous warmth into every home. It pairs up nicely with light neutral tones.
  • Bronze is the other name for sophistication. It has the power of enhancing other design elements such as upholstery, leather and lighting. It makes a perfect marriage with wood and stone.
  • Copper is less bold than gold, and it adds more rustic charm than elegance. It goes great with natural raw materials.
  • Silver introduces a contemporary sparkle, creating a clean, modern-looking space.

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Can you combine them?

If you had asked this question a couple of years ago, you would have caused a true outrage in the interior design community. However, rules have become more flexible since then, and if we are allowed to mix different patterns now, why wouldn’t we pair up gold and silver. In fact, this combination creates an ideal contrast, which will make the entire space more interesting.

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Use the benefits of metallics to the max

One of the biggest benefits of metallic finishes is that they reflect light and thus make the space seem larger. By opting for glamorous designer mirrors with metallic frames, you will not only kick that effect up a notch and add more depth to the room, but also get striking accent pieces which contribute to the overall décor. Another way to introduce metallic finishes to your home is by decorating walls with photographs printed on reflective metal.

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Engraved Decor Items

Personally, engraved decor items are always a special addition for your home and that could be gifts received with engravings such as things remembered, special pictures that have special engraved messages. You could also try using a laser engraver from selectedbest.info

Engraved Pictures

Image Source: https://www.thingsremembered.com

Create balance with softer textures

Decorating an entire room with metallic finishes would create an overwhelming impression as neither of the metallic shades would be noticeable. That is why it is important to create a contrast by using matte finishes or softer textures, such as wool, velvet or mohair.

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Keep the color scheme subdued

When incorporating a certain number of metallic pieces into your home, you should keep the color palette neutral to avoid overwhelming the space. Take your cues from Scandinavian décor, which uses this practice proficiently by adding glamour to minimalist, neutrally-painted apartments. Although you can make various combinations, you certainly can’t go wrong with brass and darker neutrals. Also, chrome and stainless steel go great with gray, blue and white.

Now that you know all the secrets to make your home shine, are you ready to bring in the bling and create a glamorous living space?
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