Decorating Walls With Murals

Decorating Trends For 2016

Typically, lifestyle changes impact decorating trends. At the present time, people are spending more time at home. Family time is regaining its importance. Families are dining at home more frequently than they have in the last few years. Entertaining at home continues to be a popular activity. The 2016 decorating trends support and encourage this emerging trend.

Family rooms

Family rooms should be an area where durable, stain resistant fabric reigns supreme. Kids, pets and adults should feel welcome and comfortable in this room. Functionality is a key factor in the room design and in the selection of furniture. This is a room where pops of color are welcome and textures as diverse as sisal and faux fur are encouraged.


The entrance to your home is your best opportunity to make a first impression on visitors. Pedestals are experiencing renewed popularity in 2016 decors. With a chinoiserie wallpaper mural as a background, a pedestal with an attractive plant or impressive sculpture would be an elegant feature in a foyer. Pedestal designs vary from the traditional marble or wood style pedestals seen in historical photos to contemporary designs in quirky shapes and bold colors.

Dining Room

With families dining at home more often and sharing meals with friends becoming an increasing lifestyle trend, more focus is being placed on the appearance and functionality of the dining area. It’s still trendy to mix up the style of chairs used around the dining table. Upholstery fabrics can also be diverse. Multiple forms of lighting that enables you to control the atmosphere of the room helps a family dining area transition to a party space or a romantic dining area. Mirrors and large artistic prints, especially floral themes, are going to be popular in 2016.


The 2016 bedroom design trends promote tranquility, relaxation and exquisite beauty. Wall murals that feature soft colors and serene scenes can immediately set the tone for a relaxing decor. Designers suggest incorporating round tables and chairs with soothing curved designs into your bedroom decor. A relaxing sitting area that includes a couple of chairs, a table, attractive lighting and a soft textured rug or throws would be a welcome place to spend time at the end of a busy day.

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