Daddy Christmas Gifts: What Should You Buy Him This Gifting Season?

The holiday season is a moment people come together to share fond memories even as they make new ones. One thing that is common during such times is sharing presents. These are the few times you can receive those items you have desired all year long. This is particularly true for the Christmas holidays.

For parents, it is easy to figure out what your child might want for X-Mas. The same isn’t necessarily true for children would like to gift their parents, especially the dads. What would your dad love for Christmas? Most people would find this question quite tricky. The truth is that most dads do not give the slightest clues of what they love.

Almost everything has been updated to conform with the most recent innovative trends, including pens. This holiday season, you do not have to scratch your head on what best to give your father. You can easily settle on new age pens. Be sure he will love it. Smart Pen

Why smartpens for Christmas gifts?

One incredible gifting idea is the aspect of uniqueness. Smartpens seem to achieve that seamlessly. They are not your ordinary pens. These amazing pens can record audios while allowing connection to several devices. Even more, they have the capabilities of creating digital files for all the notes they make.

Not all the available new age pens perform these functions though. Depending on what you feel he needs, you can take advantage of a perfect guide for your dad when choosing a suitable smartpen. Learning the finer details of these devices makes the selection process easier.

Factors to consider when choosing smartpens

To choose the ideal smartpen, you must be able to spot distinctive features that set apart certain smart pens apart from the rest. Ultimately, you will have to be aware of the several factors that determine the perfect choice of digital pen. An awesome choice of smartpen is one with the right blend of smart features. So what are some of these features?

Memory space

The storage capacity of a smartpen is an essential aspect worth considering. The ultimate choice depends on how much the user intends to store. You can expect a minimum storage space of 2GB. From there, the memory space varies largely.

Stylus or ink?

Basically, a stylus is a digital pen that does not use ink. It works more like an accessory to some devices you have. On the other hand, smartpens with ink operate like the other normal pens with the exception of their smart functionalities. It can write on paper besides performing other functions.

After use, you will require replacement inks for the ink stylus. Alternatively, you can let it operates independently like a smart device.


Most people choose smartpens based on the functionality. If you are buying a smartpen as a gift to someone, you need to understand some of the things he might want to use the pen for. This way, you will be able to select the product that best meets his needs. In terms of functionality, there are several aspects worth considering:

Note recording

Besides the basic functionality of writing on paper, smartpens can monitor the movements made while writing and subsequently make digital copies of the written documents. This instant copy comes handy and eliminates the need to scan notes and transfer them to laptops later.

Audio recording

Some smartpens come with built-in audio recorders. Such devices can be used during lectures and meetings to take recordings. You will have an easier note-taking experience since the created audio files are incorporated in the recorded notes.

Remote control of computer

Certain smartpens serve as wireless mouse. With such pens, one is able to connect to their computers via Bluetooth. Consequently, you can control your device from a given distance.

Best smartpen reviews

Neo Smartpen N2

The slim, simple design is veryattractive. This digital pen comes with the same weight as a typical pen. For many people, it will be difficulty to realize this pen is anything beyond the normal pen. This digital pen, designed for Android and iOS, brings together an assortment of irresistible features.

With the presence of Neo Notes app on your smartphone, you can easily have digital copies of the notes generated by the smartpen on your phone. Even more resoundingly, the app supports transcription of 15 different languages. You do not need a power button to start this pen; the pressure detection feature available has this handled. The available memory space ensures storage of up to 1000 pages.

Samsung Electronics Slate PC Digitizer Pen

This smartpen works effectively on smart devices, tablet slates and even computers. The pen is able to integrate various control and mouse functions. As such, this pen brings closer convenience and class.

The pen has been optimized for creativity. It therefore comes handy for those with special interest in making digital art. Most users find the pen perfectly sensitive for creating illustrations, stretches and 3D models. It is a great gifting idea for someone who needs to take his device control abilities to a completely new level.

Fifty Three Digital Stylus Pencil

This smartpen gives additional functionality to those using Apple products. It goes beyond the normal functionalities of smartpens and has seamless note taking abilities. You can get creative with your sketching by taking advantage of this pen.

Other Apple devices can easily detect this pressure activated pen. When using the pen, users do not have to worry about causing unwanted lines thanks to the palm rejection features evident in this pen. Such features make it possible for users to realize natural, easy and impressive writing and sketching experiences.

Taking advantage of the digital pens is something you definitely want to do. You do not have to do it directly, though. Gifting your dad an awesome smartpen is a smart idea this Christmas season. Just be sure to know and understand what he might require out of such a pen!

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