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Most people realize that the best way to fully flourish in terms of health is to exercise regularly and eat right. But it also turns out that researchers are continuously discovering new things about the human body which constantly challenge previously existing dogmas. There’s a reason medicine is called a “practice”: it can never be fully mastered. Coming To Characterize Common Medicine

Until mankind can create a living, breathing, thinking, reproductive thing, there will always be mysteries about the human body; but truly astonishing things are found every day, and from every conceivable area of the medical field.

Medicine is changing at every technological level—even at the level of categorizing animal test subjects. Check this out—according to the linked source, “RapID Tags are the newest, most humane, miniature automated mouse ear tags available. Their unique design and superior technology make them the most cost-effective, automated lab animal identification on the market.”

Now you can scan a rat with a laser and categorize the necessary data. Methods like these have opened up medicine for a plethora of surprising discoveries. Now, understanding of things like the function of various cellular groups in the brain is at a point where it hasn’t been in modern history. Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity?


For many people, elementary and higher education professionals fed steady dogma concerning the brain. What was this dogma? That new cells can’t be grown in the brain. Every time you bump your head, you destroy brain cells that will never return. This simply isn’t true.

Every time you learn something new, you create a new neuro-network in your mind. You, in effect, grow new cells. The key to expanding your mind is to continuously do things. It’s interesting that the storage capacity and ability of the human mind yet surpass modern computational solutions.

Certainly, computers can come up with sums and figures more quickly than the human mind, but computers still lack the capacity to think critically. Animals nearly have this capacity, but still not at the same level of consciousness as the human mind. What makes the human mind so unique has yet to be definitively nailed down, however, making such discoveries even more dramatic when put in perspective.

Organizations Committed To Excellence

With this in mind, you want to be as careful as you can when you choose which medical organizations to work with. The more cutting edge, the better. Just as lobotomies are seen today as archaic and medically useless, there are common practices today that will be thought of the same way in the future. You want medical institutions with patient-centered integrity, in order to avoid such quackery. Organizations like Riverside Med Group are committed to cutting-edge medical solutions with a newly renovated on-site lab and top primary care physicians Jersey City Waterfront has to offer.

Avoiding That Uncanny Cybernetic Valley

That said, there is such a thing as “too much” technology. Mankind is literally becoming bionic. We are becoming cyborgs. Pacemakers, contact lenses that house computers, wearable computer gear, body modification as well as augmentation, the installation of microchips under the skin, robotic prosthetics—there are many “cybernetic” innovations today.

Where medicine and technology overlap is a bit of a gray area in terms of safety. What you’re looking for is the most modern technology procedures which don’t require human augmentation of the technological kind to effect, if possible.

Sometimes your only hope is an experimental procedure, but sometimes those procedures don’t have enough information around them to be without unknown risk. That said, there seem to be many more positive developments which can be trusted in. Your best bet is to do some serious research into medicine and keep yourself informed.

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