Creative Ways to Add a Playroom To Your Home

Creative Ways to Add a Playroom To Your Home Kids Room Ideas

If you’re a family with little ones, a playroom can be an amazing feature to have in your home for many different reasons. First, it helps your home feel more organized and less cluttered because the toys and games have a dedicated location.

Playrooms are also good because they give kids a place to escape, giving mom and dad a break. Many playrooms are also multi-purpose, so they can also be used as a guest room, a game room, or a general entertaining space when the kids aren’t in them.

However, what do you do if your home doesn’t have a dedicated playroom and you’d like to add one?

The following are some tips that can help you creatively add one of these functional rooms.

A Separate Building

A lot of families are opting to add general usable space to their home with creative detached buildings, such as small steel homes or sheds added to their lawn, and this can become a playroom as well.

If your kids are younger you wouldn’t want them in a detached space separately, so a good idea is to make a multifunctional detached garage or shed where you can spend time and your kids can too. For example, you might think about pairing a home office or crafting room along with a playroom.

It gives you a lot more space, and you can really keep the toys and kids’ items separate from the main living areas of your home.

The Garage

An attached garage can work as well as a detached garage if you’re looking for play spaces. Of course, this won’t work if you store tools or other dangerous items there, or it’s where you park your cars, but if it’s relatively unused, it makes an excellent playroom. A garage can typically get dirty from things like paint and markers, and there’s just a lot of versatility in using this kind of space.

You’ll have to think about heating and air solutions if your garage doesn’t already have climate control, but it can make a good area that will grow with your kids.

A Closet

If you have a walk-in closet that you could potentially clear out, or that you don’t use, it can make a fantastic playroom, particularly for younger kids.

A lot of people have also opted to turn under-the-stair closets into cozy but usable playrooms.

Sunroom or Porch

Finally, what about a sunroom or porch, particularly if the porch is enclosed or covered? These work best when you live in an area with a fairly moderate climate, but many sunrooms are fully enclosed already and may be connected to the rest of the home’s heating and air.

These areas are great because they get a lot of natural light, and they tend to be separate enough from the rest of your house that it doesn’t feel like kids’ playthings are taking over.

These suggestions aren’t just useful for incorporating a playroom into your home, but can also work well for a craft room or art studio, depending on the needs of your family.






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