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Have you ever thought about creating wedding invitations at home?

Wedding invitations not only let your guests know when and where your wedding will take place. They also set the stage for the ambiance and mood of your ceremony and reception. Will your special day be formal or casual? Is it an adult-only event or are children included? When you create these important cards yourself, you can add personal details that let guests know what to expect. You can also save money by keeping costs in mind when making design decisions. It’s best to have a discussion with your spouse-to-be about budget and style preferences before making choices regarding your invitations and programs. Coming to an agreement up front can reduce the stress of going over your budget.

Some of the choices you will need to make are about paper, font, colors, and printing. There are multiple stationaries to choose from, such as cotton linen and felt weave. Fonts range from playful to elegant to plain and should reflect your personality and the tone of your event. For more ideas about creating DIY invitations, take a look at this infographic to give you some ideas on what should be included.

DIY Wedding InfographicPresented by Country Club Receptions

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