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If you are thinking about going to your first yoga class, it is completely understandable that you have doubts about how to prepare for it. You probably have your favorite workout combination, but still yoga class etiquette and exercises are somewhat specific, and might require you to adjust a little.

That is why we have prepared this 101 guide for yoga clothes to make sure that this tiny ’issue’ does not dissuade you from going.

What to Wear?

First thing you should have in mind is that yoga is all about feeling comfortable in your skin and controlling your body and mind. You cannot expect to achieve this if, for a start, you do not feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. Your attire should enable you to move freely and concentrate on the poses rather than on a top that’s too tight.

Generally speaking, yoga attire should be stretchy, form fitting, and soft, and should offer you unrestricted movement. Nowadays you can find manufacturers that focus on designing yoga-specific clothing and lately Ryderwear stands out among them for the quality of the materials they use. What To Wear To Yoga-2

Yoga tops come in all forms – from short-sleeved, to long-sleeved or tanks, and the only difference is in the level of comfort you personally feel in each one of them. As for the materials, cotton or linen are an acceptable choice but, although yoga poses do not seem very dynamic, you will still sweat a lot, so quick-drying athletic gear that wicks away moisture is a much better option. Layers may also keep you warm during the final relaxation exercise when your body is starting to cool down.


What Not to Wear?What Not To Wear When Doing Yoga-3

As you will notice soon after arriving, shoes are not permitted in a yoga class, because they interfere with your connection to the ground. Also, many people do not wear socks, because they might make you unstable in some poses. But if you are cold, you can keep the socks on.

The clothing should not be baggy. Firstly because in inversion poses, like Downward Dog or Handstand, your loose T-shirt will come down over your head letting your belly show. Secondly, because your instructor will not be able to check your alignment. A short and loose shorts is a thing to be avoided if you do not want everyone to see your private parts when you bend forward or lift your leg up in the air.What Is Comfortable In Yoga Clothing-4

Bottoms with drawstring waist might cause discomfort in poses that require you to lie face down, so choose a bottom with elastic waistband. Make sure the pants are not too long or else you might trip and fall.

Take off all the jewelry. This way, you will move more freely, not worrying about breaking, losing, or scratching anything.

Yoga Gear

The most important piece of equipment you will need for a yoga class is a mat. If you do not have a mat, call the yoga studio and ask them if you can borrow one during the class. We definitely recommend buying your own mat, but not until you are really serious about practicing. Make sure to unroll the mat facing the instructor.

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Blocks and straps can also come in handy if you are new to yoga, but most studios provide them. Bring some water and a towel, too.

Keep in mind that yoga is not focusing on how you look, but how you feel, so this should be your priority, as well. Arrive to your class earlier so you have enough time to change to your yoga clothes, slow down and get ready to relax.What Are You Comfortable Wearing For Yoga?

Are you ready to do yoga? I love yoga, it is such a great and exhilarating feeling!!

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  • Sarah Phillips

    This is great advice for what to wear to yoga class! I do yoga and I always wear a nice stretchy pair of yoga pants and a comfortable top. Always no jewelry and hair tied back! It’s always important to keep your yoga mat clean too…not many people remember to wash their yoga mat, but it’s actually really important! Nobody likes a stinky mat! 😛

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Thank you for your view point on yoga, I was in a yoga class or a while and was enjoying it but my shoulder just could not take it any more. The teacher decided to ratchet up her routines and so I stopped going while my torn rotator cuff heals. Good point on keeping mat clean, easy to do, but I know it is a forgotten and important point.
    Have a wonderful week!

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