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So you think your have figured out your niche?


You may have heard that internet marketing is a great way to generate an income from home. That is true, because many people are successfully working from home or using their work at home income to supplement the income they earn from their traditional job or the income that their spouse brings in.Niche

They love being in control of their own time and being their own boss. No having to call in sick or hoping that their vacation gets approved. No begging for a small raise or having to deal with the shenanigans of a jerky boss or incompetent coworkers that put all of the hard work on you, while you don’t get credit for the things that you do.
Some are earn five and six figures over the internet. While this may sound really good in theory, in reality you can’t just pull money out of your smart phone or laptop.
You need a way to earn money and the route taken to create an income could be different for many people, depending on the niche that they are in.

What is a niche?
A niche is the field that you and your business specializes in. One particular niche isn’t one sized fits all. It only caters to a select group of people.

Why choose a niche? What you have to offer isn’t going to be wanted or needed by everyone so you have a better chance of connecting with the right people and gaining more sales if you target the right audience.

People search in the search engines looking for websites that focus on the topic that they are looking for. The more information they can find, the better. Why not let them find your niche sites.

For Example some popular niches :
Health and wellness – Anxiety, Bipolar, Autism, IBS, Asthma, vitamin deficiency, skin conditions, pregnancy, healthy eating, mental health, detoxing and heart failure.

Exercise and fitness – Weight lifting, popular fitness plans, fitness equipment, personal training, yoga, walking, Pilates, gym workouts, fitness coaching, dance and running.

Sports – Soccer, Golf, football, tennis, rugby,video game sports, sports accessories, skating, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, swimming, archery, sports news and cricket.

Internet marketing – Email marketing, social media, blogs, list building, mobile marketing, internet marketing training and PPC advertising and online promotion.

Self Improvement – Self esteem, business self improvement, courage, confidence, self talk, self behaviors, depression personal development, goals, and self examination.

Time Management – Business time management, getting things done, me time, home time management, time management tools, scheduling and productivity, procrastination.

Relationships and marriage – Dating, relationship, making up, problems, friendship, breaking up, divorce, building relationships, forgiveness, reconnecting and surviving infidelity.

Romance – Love, sex, rekindling romance, technique, massage, how to get a mate, romantic evenings, belly dancing, pole dancing, texting, romance accessories .

Weddings – Bridal showers, wedding receptions, wedding gifts, wedding dresses, rings, pre wedding counseling, wedding ideas and wedding planning.

Stock market – Stock marketing investing tips, day trading online, stock market for beginners, stock market trader, stock market simulation software, stock market trader strategies.

Education – Homeschooling, teachers, financial aid, college, learning resources, high school, preschool, educational accessories, curriculum, and educational games.

Weight loss – Shakes, pills, supplements, recipes, tips, specific diets, exercise equipment, meal planning, exercise plans, weight loss support and guidance.

Parenting – Co parenting, single parenting, parenting tips, discipline, behavior problems, parenting special needs children and babies.

Crafting – Jewelry design, crocheting, knitting, beading, sewing, crafting handbags, scrapbooking, hair accessories, wood carving, painting, drawing, handcrafted business and stenciling.

Hobbies – Coin collecting, doll collecting, star gazing, comic book collecting, time management for hobbyists, robotics, watch repair, hobby farms, fishing and bird watching.

Interior design and home improvement – Tools, floors, windows, home improvement business, promoting interior design business, design ideas, how to become an interior designer, interior design principles.

Photography – Lighting, photography tips, photography business, cameras, digital photography, landscape photography, history of photography, and amateur photography.

Animals and pets – Exotic animals, cats, guinea pigs, dogs, pet health, pet accessories, pet training tips, traveling with pets, zoos, pet food recipes and animal charities.

Travel and vacations – Mobile homes, beach vacations, vacation activities, travel accessories, cruises, travel tips, traveling with children, traveling on a budget.

Real estate – Real estate investing, renting, buying a first home, real estate referral, starting a real estate business, flipping houses and real estate agents.

Coaching – business coaching, fitness coaching, starting a coaching business, life coaching, leadership coaching, health coaching, promoting a coaching business, and work performance coaching…. and so much more.

You could create a site that focuses on a variety of topics relevant to the niche that you chose or you can even narrow down, like a niche inside of a niche, and be more specific and cater to an even tighter audience. People know what they are looking for and if you can give it to them, they’ll come back for more.

Being an authority in a smaller niche can give you more credibility than being a jack of all trades and master of none in all niches. It’s okay not to cater to every niche or every topic, choose a few. Those who want what you have to offer or what you are promoting can make it well worth it.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved in more than one niche but it does mean that you should have at least one that you narrow down and cater to a specific audience in order to be better able to provide what your target audience wants and needs.

For example: Instead of being just in the health and wellness niche, it might be anxiety.

Instead of being in the exercise and fitness niche you may narrow it down to golf. This would be of great interest to golfers.

Single parenting is a narrowed down version of the parenting niche and cat health is a more narrow version of the the animal and pets niche. Singles parents and cat owners would find these niches interesting.

While the narrowed down niche might be smaller than the general larger version of the niche, there could be a huge demand for what you are offering.PeopleWhen you target the right audience, they are already interested in the topic so it isn’t on a whim that they will read your content or buy your product. These people are already searching for products, services and content like yours. All you have to do is give it to them.

Choosing a niche doesn’t have to be hard, in fact many are involved in several. Is there anything that you are especially knowledgeable about or passionate about.

That could be a good niche for you to be in because you won’t have as much research to do if you are well versed in the subject and it will come across more natural in the way you write about it or promote it online.

Bottom line: When choosing your niche, you may want to consider picking one that is evergreen, so that your niche is in just as much demand a year from now as it is today.

I would love to hear from you :)  Have you focused in on a niche? Or have you changed a niche? Tell me about it, how did you determine what your niche would be. Leave a comment or feedback

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  • Susan - ofeverymoment

    My niche is “making the most of every moments” – but is so many different ways that my blog is not really niche specific! I am working on defining the personality of my blog!

  • Laura funk

    Finding my Niche has literally been the hardest part of blogging for me. I am still working on this but I think I am finding my stride. Great points! Thanks for linking up last week to Friday Favorites, hope to see you this week too!

  • karren Post author

    Hi Laura, to be honest I have changed my niche many times since 2009, because our lives change I think we blog about whats important at the moment on our blogs. Hope you have a great week!!!

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