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Image Source: Once your baby starts crawling, there is no stopping them from exploring now. During this time, it is very much advisable to strategically place baby gates along the house to make the adventures of your baby safer. Though it may not seem like it, there are plenty of potential dangers for your little one, like stairs or […]

Baby Gates: An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

As a teenager, you’re just heading out into the world. Shopping may be something you’ve never really experienced before. If this is you, here are some useful tips on how to shop. Bring Someone Along A good friend or family member can help you stay safe in shopping malls, parking lots and other areas. After all, you can’t trust everyone […]

Just for Teens: A Short Guide to Shopping

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School has been proven to be one of the most stressful and complicated periods in a person’s life. Young people experience a multitude of stress due to school demands and relationships with their peers. High levels of stress can cause consequences lasting up to adulthood, and it is vital to have conversations with your children to help them avoid the […]

6 Things to Talk about When Teaching Your Child How ...

When it comes to saving and spending money, it’s never too early to start teaching your little ones the basics. If you’re not sure exactly what the money lessons ought to look like for preschoolers and kindergarteners, here are 3 tasks to help educate them. 1.      Show Them What You Value You’ve been a role model to your children since […]

3 Money Lessons You’ll Want to Teach Your Kids

As a parent, one of the most crucial responsibilities we have is providing our child(ren) with a quality education. What’s good is that these days, we have numerous educational options, including public schools, charter, home school, virtual education, private and international schools like International Schools in Singapore. Unsure which option best suits your child? Not to worry, keep reading to […]

Every Parent’s Option For Their Child’s School And Education

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Once a woman gives birth, a lot of changes will occur physically, emotionally and mentally. Suddenly, everything you know and understand about life can get turned upside down as you take on the responsibility of caring for a new, fully dependent human being. This period takes up a lot of energy. A lot of progress has been made in developing […]

7 Things Every New Mum Needs to Survive

Everything Parents Should Know About Distracted Driving
As a parent, when you have a child who’s preparing to get their license, it can feel overwhelming and emotional. There’s also a sense of anxiety and fear that comes with it. Knowing the risks and then working with your teen to proactively avoid these risks is one of the best ways you can prepare your teen to drive. Distracted […]

Everything Parents Should Know About Distracted Driving

Even the thought your child is being bullied at school can feel devastating as a parent. We want our children to go to school and feel safe and be able to thrive in a supportive, happy environment. Unfortunately, that’s all-too-often, not what our kids experience at school. As a parent, while you can’t control everything in your child’s life, there […]

Red Flags Your Child Is Being Bullied