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Shaving is literally a task for most men out there. They are always looking for options that can make their shaving experience somewhat easier and smoother. It is assumed that having a nice, sharp razor and a stash of shaving cream is equivalent to a smooth shaving experience when it clearly is not. There are several other products which should be […]

Top Shaving Products You Should Know About

Vera Clinic Consultations and Hair Transplants
One of the most common questions about hair transplant surgery revolves around the length of time a hair transplant will last. Many potential patients are concerned that after undergoing a hair transplant procedure they will be required to keep coming back to have the transplant ‘topped up’ if they want to continue enjoying the benefits. The truth is, after you […]

How Long Do Hair Transplants For Men Last?

Men can have a transplant to fill in bald spots
There are many reasons why your hair is not growing evenly. To some people, it is hereditary from the family and some might be due to medical conditions. The good thing with the current millennium is that you can conduct a hair transplant and fill the bald spots on your head and fix your current hair condition. According to, […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose the Best Hair ...

After A Haircut Edge Up For a Professionally Finish
If you wish to keep the hairline sharp and straight, you could ask your barber to edge up perfectly your hairline. You know that edging techniques would be involving the use of a specialized and expert pair of clippers known as T-edge clippers which have been designed to accurately shape hairlines for creating straight edges. Experienced and highly-skilled barbers could […]

After A Haircut Cleanup Edge Up For a Professionally Finish