Out of all of the precious metals that we use, silver is one that is both abundant and affordable, so it is common to have silver objects around your home. Whether you go out and buy these or you inherit them from friends or family, they can often go overlooked and even removed from show to spend their time on […]

How To Find Out If Your Old Silver Is Valuable

Things Most Women Love But Won't Tell-A Man's Point of View
Women can be curious creatures, can’t they? There’s so much to learn about them and we want to be sure that we’re doing what we can in order to make sure that they are happy and fulfilled. This is especially true when it comes to buying them gifts for an anniversary, birthday, or other sort of celebration in their lives. […]

5 Things Most Women Love But Won’t Tell-A Man’s Point ...

7 Ways To Build Your Body Confidence 2 comments
You don’t need to have the body of a famous supermodel to feel amazing. Having a healthy body can help you feel that way, of course, but you don’t need to slim right down and exercise every day of the week to get there. Body confidence is something of a rarity these days. As we have these so-called ‘perfect’ bodies […]

7 Ways To Build Your Body Confidence

Friday Features Linky Party 462018 7 comments
Welcome to Friday Features Linky Party Well here we are another Friday, the weeks go by so quickly.  We have some fantastic features this week including a fashion feature great recipes and DIY ideas. I hope you will take time to connect with some of our featured bloggers, even on Instagram!!  I hope you have a lovely weekend, wherever you […]

Friday Feature Linky Party

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts
When you got married, you were probably googly-eyed and madly in love. Hopefully, you’re still madly in love, but you’re no longer googly-eyed. You’ve woken up to the real world–marriage is hard work. It takes effort, education, and a lot of unselfishness. No one can walk into a marriage, not do any work, and expect things to go well. Now […]

Tips for an Unforgettable Anniversary

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Function Venues
A Trusted Guide to Help You Choose the Right Function Venues If you are throwing a celebration or party, or hosting a business meeting, you need the right venue. With so many things to look into, putting everything together may be quite a challenge. The right venue will help you hold the perfect event without any stress or worry. There […]

Having a Celebration-Tips on Choosing the Right Venue

Making the Right Beauty and Fashion Choices for your Lifestyle
Making the Right Beauty and Fashion Choices for your Lifestyle  There are various skincare, hair, makeup and wardrobe choices that you can make to achieve the type of look that you want. These choices are often determined by the lifestyle you want to maintain in order for you to be stylish, functional and comfortable. Skin Protection Choose gentle facial cleansers […]

Making the Right Beauty and Fashion Choices for your Lifestyle