Reconstructive Surgery

Eyes are probably the first thing that we are noticed on another person. It’s known that people are always drawn to beautiful eyes. That’s one of the reasons why their shape and size are so important for everyone. People’s eye shapes can be different and varied. There is of course beauty in diversity. Many Asians are born with small eyes […]

Double Eyelid Surgery for Better Appearance

How Your Eyes Age You and What Can be Done change it
The eyes have it. What is “it”? Your eyes speak volumes. They can show your emotions, sparkle when you are full of joy, and they also can show signs of aging. You may be noticing that your wrinkles seem to be spreading like a crack on a broken windshield. Or maybe your eyes look hollow with a puffy pouch of […]

How Your Eyes Age You and What Can be Done

CoolSculpting helps reduce signs of troublesome belly fat and love handles.
With the obesity epidemic on the rise in Canada, many people try to avoid building up any extra fat, so they don’t become just another statistic. However, as people age, dropping fat becomes increasingly difficult, and many individuals notice they can’t lose weight even when they try. While diet and exercise seem familiar when it comes to losing weight, many […]

CoolSculpting Offers an Affordable Way to Lose Stubborn Fat

Cosmetic Surgery Can Help You Sport the Body You Want
Everyone has an ideal body type in their mind that they want to sport! Some many men and women get influenced by the social norms of a fit and perfect body. Also, others have their expectations of an ideal body. However, some people are far away from the ideal body they want to sport, because of medical and biological reasons. […]

Cosmetic Surgery Can Help You Sport the Body You Want

Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction: Understanding the Difference in Cosmetic Procedures
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery trends plastic surgery trends are on the rise. In the United States last year alone, 18 million people made the decision to go under the knife for one reason or another; up a quarter of a million from the year prior. And over the past five years, cosmetic surgical procedures […]

Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction: Understanding the Difference in Cosmetic Procedures

Different Types of Plastic Surgery That Are Available
Are you sure about the different plastic surgery options that are available?  There is no doubt about the fact that plastic surgery is growing in popularity every year as there are already 2 million surgical processes which take place in the US. In fact, you’ll be rather surprised to know that in the last decade, the total number of cosmetic […]

Different Types Of Plastic Surgery That Are Available

Liposuction 1 comment
Liposuction can help boost someone’s confidence and end their struggles of trying to lose stubborn pockets of fat but before you think about having it done, it’s best to know how to works and what possible negative effects their might be.  As technology progresses, so do liposuction techniques. Currently the hottest tool in liposuction is called Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) […]

How does Liposuction work and is it right for me?

Breast Augmentation
Thousands of women choose to enhance their beauty by undergoing breast augmentation surgeries each year. It is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgeries that help in increasing breast volume, restoring the natural tautness and reliving a healthy life after a mastectomy. This process involves inserting extra fat and silicone implants to increase the size of the breasts. […]

The Five Unexpected Benefits of Breast Augmentation That Will Change ...

An Aesthetic Practice: The Essentials
If you own a cosmetic surgery practice, then you know that an upfront business model is everything. A single unethical move and your business’ reputation could be ruined for life. It’s important to inspire customer trust every day, and to keep every business practice above-board. Your aesthetic practice should employ only the most confidence-creating tactics, to ensure that you stay […]

An Aesthetic Practice: The Essentials

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Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic surgery is not a preserve of the vain. In fact, these services come in handy for a number of other medical cases that people struggle with. It is not just about looking good but also having a good quality of life. Thanks to the services offered by cosmetic surgeons, leading a comfortable life is possible. […]

Get Your Self-Confidence Back with the Help of Plastic Surgery