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When you intend to dress to impress, it isn’t just about wearing a perfect outfit that drapes your form effortlessly and feels comfortable. You need to think about the whole ensemble, right from top to bottom. So your footwear deserves as much attention as your attire, jewelry, and other accessories. Is there a proven formula for choosing the perfect footwear […]

Strappy Heels Or Flip-Flops- Right Footwear For Right Occasion

Activewear, along with athleisure model clothes, has become among the most popular developments in fashion, also it isn’t any real surprise. After all, the desire to feel comfy while still appearing adorable and stylish indeed? Assessing your fitness center will be more inviting whenever you have pretty workout garments to use. At the same time, there’s a wide array of […]

Tips To Choose The Right Active For Your Work Outs

What Makes a Good Garden?
Fashion and clothing both have a long-standing rich history. In the 16th century, the arrival of specialized publications piqued interest in the world population and tickled the fancy of many of its bourgeoisie taste buds and curiosity. In fact, in one of his studies, a gentleman by the name of Lou Taylor, who was a professor and ‘dress historian’ who […]

From Traditional to The Modern Idea of Customized T-Shirts

Nobody can deny that, statistically, women care about fashion more than men. Unlike popular opinions, though, they don’t choose their outfits in order to look great for someone else. Sure, we all like to get a compliment or two after we have spent some time getting dresses, but, ultimately, women wear clothes that make them feel confident and good about […]

Luxury Shorts Outfits – What To Wear

It’s an undeniable fact that curvy women all over the world have been relegated to shapeless shifts and oversized sweats for far too long. Like old wives’ tales passed from generation to generation, a set of so-called “rules” has dominated the conversation about plus-sized fashion for decades. It can be said that those “rules” are a product of their time, […]

5 Plus-Size Fashion Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked

“Jewelries have the power to take people’s attention to your wrinkles!” Yes, someone just said it right. To complement your existing glamour and beauty, some unique jeweler is all you need. However, this is the age of saturation when it comes to fashion. It is important that you choose something really unique that sets you apart from the rest. There […]

Jewelry choosing and wearing tips that will help you stand ...

Whether hosting or attending as a guest, a dinner party is a great time to relax with friends and share stories over delicious courses. If you are planning your look for the next event, your outfit would very much determine your accessories. We all want to look good while adhering to the dress code, and here are a few tips […]

How to Accessorize for a Dinner Party

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Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great week. I have been busy getting things ready to redecorate my living room and update other areas of my home as well. That, of course, includes a bit of shopping at several of my favorites, Home Goods and TJMaxx, or Steinmart have you heard of those stores! This week I am […]

Friday Features Linky Party

There are twelve semi-precious stones that have been designated, one for each month, as the stone that represents that particular month, which is believed to possess certain powers. If you are unsure of your birthstone or would like some more detailed information, here is a list of the 12 birthstones and some details about what they represent. January – Garnet […]

Birthstones and Their Meanings