Smart Phone Safety

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?
Mobile technology is, quite frankly, astonishing. In less than a decade we have gone from basic ‘feature phones’ that were capable of doing everything that you ever really needed a phone to do, to smartphones that are nothing short of miniaturized personal computers. Smartphones have redefined how we think of phones and gone are the days when all you really […]

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

What can you do with a busted smartphone?
Well, that really depends on your phone’s make and model and how broken we’re talking. Let’s say you trip and drop your smartphone down a flight of stairs or accidentally fling it into a toilet and find that some critical function has been lost. It will no longer text, tweet or has stopped playing YouTube and Candy Crush. What do […]

What Can You Do With a Busted Smartphone?

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How Parental Controls Can Enhance Your Child’s Internet Security Over the years the internet has revolutionized a lot which has provided its users with many options to explore it for different uses. You can find any piece of information you want in an instant without any hassle. This advanced technology and massive collection of data on the internet undoubtedly increases […]

Security and Usage of the Internet For Your Childs Security

Make Your Android Phone More Smart-Must Have Apps
Make your android phone more smart and advanced by installing some of the must have apps There are so many things to explore in a Smartphone from its features to camera and from voice clarity to storage. But, no Smartphone is complete until and unless you install some popular apps in it. Well there is no end to the number […]

Make Your Android Phone More Smart-Must Have Apps

TheOneSpy Android & iPhone Monitoring Software 1 comment
Android & iPhone Monitoring Software TheOneSpy is a multi-platform monitoring app developed for tracking the mobile phones running iOS and Android operating systems. Loaded with hundreds of features, the spy app is intended for parents, employers and spouses to supervise the cell phone use of children, workers and significant others. The app allows the end-user to track the targeted phone […]

TheOneSpy Android and iPhone Monitoring Software

What Parents Need to Know About a Text Spyware App
If you want to know how your child is doing, checking their smartphone may be the best bet. Most Parents, at some time or another, wonder whether their kid is doing everything right that they are supposed to do. Like, are they making the right friends and doing fine in their social and personal lives? It was tough to figure […]

What Parents Need to Know About a Text Spyware App

XNSPY Tracker App for kids phones
Apple spy software: Parenting gear for treading through your child’s social media labyrinth  (Social Network) The biggest challenge that parents face these days is to decide when to give their child a personal cell phone. Parents have fears that are now beyond spending hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone or iPad for their kids. The battleground has changed and […]

How Safe Are Your Children Using iPhones and iPads?